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Mar 6, 2010 06:10 AM

dinner in financial district

I'll be traveling to NYC from Boston with a few coworkers for a symposium at the National Academy of Sciences, located at 7 World Trade Center. We're staying nearby and are looking for a nice, but somewhat low priced place for dinner (<$40 entrees). Any suggestions near this location? or should we expand the possibilities and go straight from Penn Station to somewhere in the Village.

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  1. The only thing I would recommend in the financial district is SHO, which offers a 3-course prix-fixe for $69 (no ala carte). It's wonderful and a good price for what you get, but if this is above budget I would head to the village or Chelsea instead. Some ideas there would be Perilla, Scarpetta, Bar Blanc, Aldea, Perry St., Allegretti.

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      thanks, is Les Halles an option?

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        Les Halles has a few dishes they do well, and I go there once in a while (for lunch) to get those, but overall it is mediocre, the service can be spacey, and at night it gets noisy. With so many better options, I would pass on it. Two better places within a block of Les Halles are Park Avenue Bistro and La Petite Auberge. LPA is a very traditional bistro and PAB is a more modern version, both have very good French food.

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          Just to clarify, Les Halles also has a downtown location, so the LFitz might be referring to that one. I've never eaten there and from what I've read about it, it's no better -- and possibly, worse -- than the Park Av. south location. In any case, I would avoid Les Halles PAS like the proverbial plague. Mediocre food, poor service, sardine-style seating, and an insanely high noise level.

          We haven't been to Park Avenue Bistro since right after they moved from the original location (fka Park Bistro). The food was as good as ever. However, I did not care for the ambiance, which has none of the wonderful Parisian charm of the old digs.

          Of course, I agree with you, rrems, about La Petite Auberge, one of our favorites. Delicious classic French bistro cuisine, an excellent wine list, very good service, charming ambiance, and moderate prices.

          Photos of one of our many meals at LPA can be seen here:

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            Yes, I forgot about Les Halles downtown. I've been there a couple of times and the food was not even up to the level of the midtown one. I would not recommend it.

    2. If you go over Fulton toward the old fish market area you've got Bridge Cafe and Carmine's and lots of other reasonable and very nice restaurants. You could walk along South Street by the Hudson if you love walking

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        In that sane hood is a place called Onda. Fantastic Latin food with a leaning towards fish. I would eat there more often if it wasnt so far away.

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          Onda has been closed for the past month..not sure why or when they are re-opening.

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          I love Carmine's, the grilled fish are perfect and the people who run the place are very nice. It's also a very interesting old NY restaurant interior.

        3. If you're dining on a weeknight, don't forget the Grill Room in the World Financial Center, right across West Street from 7 World Trade:

          Nowhere near as chow-worthy as SHO (or any of rrems's other suggestions), but it's solid, close, and has fine Hudson River views. Les Halles Downtown has a lively, to put it mildly, bar scene on weeknights, if that's what you're looking for (in that case, might as well do PJ Clarkes, also in the WFC).

          1. Since you can get just about anywhere in lower Manhattan within 15 minutes by taxi or subway from Finanical District or Penn Station, I'd go with the "expand the possibilities" option. Easy walk to Tribeca as well. Pick a neighborhood, price range and type of cuisine and you can get some nice suggestions on the Board.

            1. Seven World Trade Center (and presumably your hotel) is just a few blocks away from Tribeca. Some good casual options in that neighborhood include:

              Locanda Verde
              The Harrison
              Cercle Rouge

              I haven't been to Forge, but have heard nice things about it.