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Mar 6, 2010 06:03 AM

Looking for a Kentucky Hot Brown in Clearwater/Tampa Bay Area

Ok, so here is the problem. A local restaurant sent me an email about having a Kentucky Hot Brown special. I called to confirm and found it they would only do it during the week.... it's Saturday. I told my husband who is from Kentucky that I was going to take him to get a hot brown and I have never seen his face light up so much about going out to eat. Now, I do not have a place to take him.

Does anyone know of a spot in the Tampa area that makes a good Kentucky hot brown? I need help! :)


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  1. The only one I can think is the Heilman's Beachcomber on Clearwater Beach.

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      I will check it out... I live in Clearwater, so it sounds worth the try! Thanks for the advice.

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        No, unfortunately they don't have them either. Wow.... I am trying hard to find this, but it doesn't exist here. I'm frustrated someone who had them on special yesterday can't make one today, not on special.

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          Well, I distinctly remember them having them a number of years ago. Guess their clientele has changed.


      2. They aren't hard to make. Make some and have some people over for brunch tomorrow.

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          yeah, i make them occasionally. then you make it exactly the way you want it.

        2. O'keefe's in downtown Clearwater has a dish called a hot brown.

          1. You must be talking about Bailey's in Hyde Park Village, right? They had a Kentucky Hot Brown special 2 weeks ago, but they're only open for dinner Wed, Thu, and Fri. (I noticed it b/c I'd never heard of it before.) So it's not that they wouldn't do it on a Saturday, they're closed on Saturdays. Believe me, their hours drive me nuts, but the food is worth it! Why don't you ask the owner, Kim Bailey, if he's planning to do it again, and then plan accordingly? Or maybe he'd sell you a whole pan of the stuff and you can have a party (catering is most of his business). He's an awfully nice and accommodating guy... good luck!

            1. I'm late to teh party, but I was at Datz a few weeks ago and saw that they added one to their new dinner menu. Didn't try it, so I can't vouch for it's taste.

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                with that nueski's bacon, that must be quite a treat.