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Mar 6, 2010 05:10 AM

Freds Franks opening soon :-)

Got an email from Fred yesterday saying he's opening very soon. Can't wait to taste that first grilled, smokey tube of meat deliciousness !!!!

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  1. Here is Freds email to his customers:

    I have been receiving emails asking when I am going to open. The answer is SOON. I hope to start on the nice days in the next week or two.

    For those of you who may not know, I have spent the winter building out an approved kitchen facility to act as my commissary. This will serve as headquarters to pack up the trailer and unload and clean up at night, not as a restaurant. We will still be serving food at the same location by the rotary.

    This endeavor has cost a good deal of money and to be honest I am running a little short, I thought of an idea that some of you might want to take advantage of. I would like to extend to you my valued customers the opportunity to help. I have a limited amount of $125.00 gift certificates that I will offer at $100.00 until I reach a certain goal. The offer is limited so your best bet is to call me to make arrangements. If you are interested, call me at 978 430 5256. Leave a message if I don't pick up and I will get right back to you.

    Thanks to all who emailed, and I look forward to firing up the big green egg real soon,


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    1. re: hhookk

      Fred's is opening this weekend! got this email this morning, I'll be there Saturday:

      We will be open Friday March 19th and Saturday the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you.

      1. re: pastrytroll

        I'm going this summer come hell or high water.

        1. re: Joanie

          Not only are the dogs great, but Fred is great. It's a real treat giving him our lunch business.

      2. re: hhookk

        I've been about a half dozen times already this year and Fred is doing great business. He sold out pretty much every day in his first week of being open. Absolute hot dog heaven. I think since I have the rest of the week off I'll take my kids and have a nice lunch at the lake today.

        1. re: Velda Mae

          He is at the head of the the lake in Wakefield. Here is the link with directions.

          1. re: macca

            Don't get suckered in by the other vendor who set up shop there after he saw how well Fred was doing. Fred's the one with the wagon that looks like a little house and the Big Green Egg. The other guy has been out there for a few weeks now. Looks like Fred comes tomorrow.

            1. re: Chris VR

              Yup- gotta look for the green egg! He is not too far from my office, so i think a trip is due soon.

            2. re: macca

              Thanks for the link. Great idea! He's right on target with Pearl Brand....they're absolutely the best. I wonder if they have chicken or turkey dogs. I'd be all over those.