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Mar 6, 2010 04:42 AM

SONO Baking Company (CT) gets some well deserved press

A favorite of jfood's gets some well deserved press this morning.

SoNo Baking Co.
101 S Water St, Norwalk, CT 06854

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  1. What do you like getting here JFOOD? I used to be in love with this place but then fell out of love for no particular reason. Maybe because of the crowds. I'm one of those early adaptors in tech terms and like being at places at the start, but then lose interest once they become popular.

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    1. re: MasterofLightChick

      best cheesecake in the area and the little pastries follow right behind.

      The flourless chocolate cake has lost it's appeal, just too dense two weeks ago. Mrs jfood's is better, a lighter version that she has perfected over the last 15 years. Recipe was received from the Bramble Inn after jfood contacted Bob Appetit and mrs jfood has turned that recipe into a work of art.

      1. re: jfood

        just an fyi, according to the Mother of the MasterofLightChick, the best cheesecake in the area is supposedly in Shelton of all places. They are known all over and even ship. This was beyond my comprehension...but who knows? Stranger things have been true. On the main street off Route 8.

        1. re: MasterofLightChick

          Name please...little jfood works in Trumbull off route 8. that rent free little lady can pick her old man up some.

          BTW - the BEST was S&S cheesecake from the Bronx. Served at the Palm. Oh man it was unfreakinbelievable.

          1. re: jfood

            Funny! Mother of MasteroflightChick recently told her to hang out at the bar of the Palm. Now I have a real reason to go - cheesecake!

            I'll find out from her the name of the Shelton place. She showed me the menu once and I seriously couldn't believe such a place existed in the Valley.

                1. re: plien69

                  Sono's not the only game in town anymore. There's a fabulous bread bakery in Ridgefield now as well as a new guy in Fairfield (names escape me). Though sono bakery is good, in my opinion the cafe slid into second priority once Margot left.

                  1. re: lillydaisy

                    any idea where margot is since stm closed?

                    1. re: jfood

                      Word is she's working and teaching in NYC.

                    2. re: lillydaisy

                      Where abouts in Fairfield? You're not talking about the French place, are you? Isabel et Vincent?

                      And Ridgefield - is it on the main drag?

                    3. re: plien69

                      I think you're right with Stockbridge's on Howe Ave -

                      1. re: harrie

                        Sorry- didn't have time to look up specifics yesterday- here it is:
                        Fairfield Bread. Co. - can find info and order at
                        Ross' Bread 109 Danbury Rd.

                        Have heard very nice things about Isabel et Vincent, but have not gotten there yet.

                        1. re: lillydaisy

                          Fairfield Bread Company's demi baguette, the Flaxette, is sold at The Pantry in Fairfield and Palmers in Darien. It's made with organic ground flax. Lots of flavor.
                          More info here:

              1. re: jfood

                Wow, you were right jfood! Excellent cheesecake at SoNo: simultaneously light yet rich, and not cloyingly sweet. Thanks for the rec!

                1. re: plien69

                  glad to help. jfood almost made a right versus a left out of LGA yesterday to drive to S&S for a cheesecake, but timing did not allow. gotta figure out how to get there.

            1. JFOOD - do you see the link to the cheesecake place? Tell your daughter to go get you one!!! I need to check it out too.

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              1. re: MasterofLightChick

                Got your back. out of town til mid next week though. gotta figure out how to get it kosher for passover.

                1. re: jfood

                  BE SORRY.

              2. More love for SoNo Baking Company in the Hartford Courant last week--enjoy!