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Mar 5, 2010 10:05 PM

Very pleasant experience at 麺屋 和利道 warito


today I wanted to get Tsukemen, as I was in the Shibuya area (a part of town I've been to maybe 2-3 times within the last year) I decided to go to Hayashi but the line was too long. Quickly I realized that I heard a lot of people rave about warito, which is somewhere near that massive highway spiral they build in the West of Shibuya (or is it north of Meguro?).

So, thanks to "the google" I found my way. I was the only foreigner, there was nothing english in the shop and instead of being asked "english menu?" I got a "nihongo daijoubu?". Good sign. So I got their Warito Tsukemen.

The shop is quite pleasant, new, big (13-14 seats at the counter) and other then me it was mostly young guys bringing their dates. People were astoundingly pretty (Second good sign!) and it seems to be indeed an inn-spot.

The food was good, very close in taste to Nidaime Tsujita. In fact I am not sure if I could differentiate between Tsujita and Warito in a blind test. They also stole the yakishi idea from Tetsu.

What was astounding is how pleasant and generally great the boss was. I had the feeling he owned the place, but I just double checked to confirm (He does.). This guy would come over several times and ask if everything was okay, if I wanted to have my Yakishi or if there was anything else he could do. All that in a genuinely nice, very non-invasive way. So that was a real nice experience, and exceptionally good service even for tokyo standards.

So go there ;-)

麺屋 和利道 warito

Closest station is 池尻大橋駅, or alternatively a 10-15 walk from Shibuya. Open for lunch only. Closed weds. Tsukemen costs around 1000-1200.


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  1. Awesome, I've been looking for a 13-14 seat ramen shop with good looking patrons and a pleasant shop owner who comes over several times to check on me.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      Well, it also it the highest rated shop (平均点:89.5点) on ramendb. Considering that I though that the quality of the food is out of the question.

      Again, having a pleasant atmosphere, with pleasant staff and pleasant people makes a difference. I doesn't bother me to sit next to some sweaty slurping salaryman, but if I have a choice I'd rather sit next to somebody nice, cause while it's fun to go to 二郎 or even かおたん, these places are equally tasty and greasy / nasty. My girlfriend would hate them, but warito would be fine. Big plus for me.

      1. re: Scharn

        13-14 seats, good looking patrons, kind owner, a 89.5 point rating on the internet, and quality that is out of the question. Got it. Check.

          1. re: Scharn

            You no like the かおたん? I had a conversation with the owner one "evening". The man is serious about his metier, and the lean-to keel over gonna-burn down soon feel of the place is part of the experience. I'd take that over good looking customers (sign of vapidity, if you ask me) and a kind owner. At 3:00 AM, nasty is a requirement.

            1. re: Uncle Yabai

              I second that, and love all the crappy places. But if Ms. Scharn was in the mood for Ramen, I would not take her to Kaotan, because I know she would hate it. Also, sometimes, I like to eat in a more civilized environment, and as almost all Ramen places are slightly crappy (or just downright horribly industrialized like the newly opened Ramen Street) it is very nice to have the choice of good Ramen in a "pretty" environment.

              Bottomline is, I think I heavily overemphasized the "pretty" aspect of warito. This place does real good Tsukemen and would probably draw the same line (if not from another crowd) if it looked like Kaotan, or Iseya or some Shitamachi gonna burn down tomorrow looking restaurant.

              Also, I want to say is that one thing I love about Japan is that even the seriously messed-up looking places are perfectly safe to eat. Tried some of these in central China a few years back and...well...let's just say what followed was an experience that...Well, it's good that ain't happening here.

              1. re: Scharn

                Oh yeah, Armrta--> Muse--> Kaotan. The Nish-Azabu Gaijin circuit. Natsukashii. Nothing like pretending to Asia slum it at Kaotan with cans of beer, fashion models, and the gang from Credit Suiss. As if a lean-to shack is somehow a Showa Era remnant stuck in between poshy Nishi-Azabu and Aoyama. Give me the real deal soup with sweaty slurping salarymen any day.

    2. Can you provide location information in English? I don't read or speak Japanese, and will be staying in Shibuya the week after next...
      thank you

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      1. re: OGguy

        Google "35.651268,139.689982" in Maps! If you can see a squid-like giant spiral, it worked and it's exactly in the middle of this map. I would recommend printing that out, then walking from Shibuya. The shop is called "Menya Warito".

        When you enter you buy a food ticket. I would recommend getting their Tsukemen (should sell at about 1050Y). You will then be asked if you want a small portion (200grams noodles) or a large portion (300 grams). Price is the same.

        At some point they will seat you, and get you a bowl of cold noodles, a bowl of hot pork/fish soup and a plate of stuff like roasted pork, spring onions etc. You dip the noodles in the soup, then eat them. At some point your soup will get cold, then they will give you an extremely glowing hot metal thing that is supposed to be dropped in the bowl to heat it up again.

      2. Hi Scharn,

        Nice! :) Thanks for the rec. How was the Tamago and Chashu?

        1. I have been to IKKI yesterday. I heard a lot of good things about the shop. Getting there was a long journey. Took me almost two hours, as it's somewhere in the north and can only be reached through the Nippori Toneri Liner. Then it started to rain/snow... When I finally got my soup I was surprised that it bordered on not edible. That pork taste! So strong! Still, the shop was full and people seemed to love it. So I suspect it's just me.

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          1. re: Scharn

            Hi Scharn:

            Thanks for all your review. You seem to be a big fan of ramen to try out the top ranked ramen all over Tokyo. Just curious to know if you had tried the duck ramen at 鴨シャブ 竹亭 赤坂店 : . It is ranked no. 5 under ramen (just below IKKI) and no. 3 under tsukemen category in Tokyo area in Tabelog. What is your review of this place?

            1. re: FourSeasons

              Hey, haven't been there yet, but I may check it out! Thanks for the tip!

              1. re: Scharn

                Looks good! Let me know if you want company.