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Mar 5, 2010 09:31 PM

Can't remember name of great store in Bethlehem -- help?!

I'm a displaced Pennsylvanian-by-way-of-Poughkeepsie now living -- happily -- in Vermont -- where I have everything I could want except lebanon bologna, scrapple, and kaiser/hard rolls.

A friend is passing through the Bethlehem area soon and has offered to bring me a fix and I want to send them to my favorite farm market/butchers but I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME.

It was family owned -- named after the family -- they made their own scrapple, including the weird looking grayish stuff heavy on the buckwheat that you just can't get here, ever -- umpteen kinds of bologna and sausage, racks of apple/peach/etc butter -- not too far from where Jacksonville and Macada road intersect -- I think from there I used to head east and maybe cross some railway tracks -- help me, someone, please, I'll send you maple syrup!

Maybe it started with an E? Had two syllables? After my grandmother moved into a nursing home I used to go there and bring her bologna, both dry and sweet, and she'd stash it in her sock drawer.

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  1. Hi, I have an assistant/student that lives in Bethleham, so I called him and he said the place you are looking for is Elias Market...he used to deliver food by truckloads for a provisions company, so when I decribed what you had in your post, he knew it right away! Hope that helps! I love Lebonan Bologna (sweet) too! But the Vermont maple syrup sounds pretty good Too! (wink-wink) Rick of

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      Elias' used to be called Pitchel's (or Pichel's, don't remember the spelling). I think it's less Pennsylvania Dutch these days.

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        I didn't recognize Elias' -- it was Pichel's when I was there last -- THANK YOU!!