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Mar 5, 2010 09:13 PM

Kushi Box Japanese Charcoal BBQ Review

NOTE-I'm no big fan of BBQ'ed food-Please don't hate me but it's never my first choice.

Anyway had lunch @ this tiny spot today-after hearing about Japanese Charcoal BBQ I wanted to see if it was any different.

Happy to report that the food is delicious and not gritty burnt tasting just cooked over quite a hot grill that does an outstanding job without ruining the flavour.

I had the veggie special #6 (Grilled tofu & mushroom on rice w/ teriyaki sauce) it was delicious cooked in record time and served in an iconic paper takeout box-that and a side order of Goma-ae that had a Oil/Vinegar/Pepper dressing quite unlike any Spinach Goma-ae I've ever-had quite a toothsome side order.

Did I mention hot?

I mean it's steaming hot inside the place that's one reason it's takeout with a couple tables out front.

The Staff are quite pleasant friendly people but since it's so busy @ lunch you might want to check out the on-line menu to narrow down your choices-it's not huge menu just brightly coloured with a lot of stylish writing.

I note the presence of Takoyaki in the online menu maybe that's what I'll try next time.

Kushi Box 520 Robson St.

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  1. Thanks for the first report on Kushi Box. I popped in to check it out (not to eat) during the Olympics and I noted that a couple of familiar BBQ guys from Zakkushi on Denman (their mothership.)

    That little block on Robson is turning out to be a nice Asian food zone.

    1. I got take out here last week and it was pretty good. Had the tsukune box - chicken meatballs with spicy miso sauce. The rice on the bottom was a bit over sauced, but otherwise a decent take-out lunch and a nice change from the usual.

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        I got this today as a combo with miso soup and 3 piece karaage. Yum, although the heft from the box is from all the, yes, oversauced, rice. But the thing I only noticed after getting the food was the o-den. It would've been nice on this stormy day. Not sure of other places that offer o-den by the piece aside from izakayas and sit-down restos.

      2. I had the lunch box that had a bit of everything. Takoyaki were just okay. But, I totally agree with Alichris. way oversauced! But, tasty. Next time, i'll ask for 1/2 sauce. The meal is a bit heavy so this is definitely just a "once in a while" place

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        1. re: trixbunny

          I liked Kushi Box a fair bit, particularly when one considers other takeout options:

          The tsukune box can be oversauced; try the p-toro box instead, which relies more on the egg and the spring onion for flavouring. The o-den is good, but probably more because it's such a rarity for takeout places (the mochi kinchaku is by far the best).

          I also went back for the tofu, for a light/cheap lunch. It's just store bought, nothing to rave about. The chicken karaage was no good, so I've avoided the takoyaki thus far (both sit under the heat lamps for lord knows how long).