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Mar 5, 2010 09:04 PM

Bialetti? Aeropress?

I will be visiting family without nearby espresso access and am looking for a portable, affordable stovetop espresso maker to take with me. Any recommendations? I am considering either a stainless steel Bialetti or the Aeropress. Has anyone had luck with either? And yes, I know these will not produce true espresso, but I need my daily fix or it gets ugly.


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  1. i bought an Aeropress a few months ago and posted about how much i love it, and varying opinions emerged. you might find it helpful:

    1. I've never used the Aeropress, but would recommend my stainless moka pot to anyone needing a good espresso substitute.

      1. I have an Aeropress and love it!. I bought a Pino water kettle that heats water to a preset temp. Super easy combo to use.

        I have an aluminum Bialletti Moka Pot that I bought packaged with a milk frother. The Aluminum Moka Pot gives the coffee a metallic taste to me. I would give it to you if you were near me. I have an older stainless Moka Pot that's great. The Aeropress with the Pino kettle is a BREEZE.

        However, for traveling and not having the Pino, the Moka Pot may be easier to use. Just be sure to get the stainless one.

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          Or, a very simple pour-over individual brewer in the aptly named The Clever.

        2. With the Aeropress, can I just microwave the water, or must it be heated stovetop?

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            You can heat the water anyway you want. Just get it too the necessary temperature.

          2. Areopress is great for travel. You don't need a stove. It's not espresso but then nether is the bialetti or moka pot.