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Mar 5, 2010 08:03 PM

Best comfort food in DFW

So I've been to Babe's, Mama's Daughters, Hattie's ... what are the hidden gems I've missed? Somehow I cannot get enough comfort food here lately :)

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  1. Norma's, go to either the one in Oak Cliff or the newer one on Trinity Mills/Tollway.

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      Depends on your idea of comfort. Mutton biryani at Chameli in Richardson is pretty damned comforting.

      mmmm biryani.

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        Good to know--I've only been to the one on Beltline in Addison. It didn't make much of an impression ... I couldn't even tell you what I had.

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          I haven't been to the Belt Line location but according to the staff, it isn't related to the two I previously mentioned. It has a different owner and operates like a franchise.

      2. Henderson's Fried Chicken..........Highland Park Cafeteria...........Jake's Hamburgers .

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          I have a hunger that only food will cure. Good call on the jakes.

        2. Try Celebration and the Mecca.

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            Yes, Celebration is good ... haven't been in awhile, I think since they closed the one in the old ice house in FW.

            Although I had been warned, I tried the fried chicken at Chef Point today. Even though the whole place smelled of Italian food, they had thrown down the gauntlet with 'best in Fort Worth' and 'better than sex.' Neither claim was true of course ... I wouldn't call it flavorless--it had been salted adequately. But it was distinctly lacking--pepper would be a good start. Babe's is definitely better ... oh, and they also almost entirely debone the chicken breasts, which is startling. You can tell some of the bones are gone, but how many isn't clear till you've eaten the first piece (you get 2 breasts). The mashed potatoes and gravy are good--those are better than Babe's.

            What Hattie's serves (falsely) as fried chicken is really chicken-fried chicken, and this was CFC with one tiny bone that you can almost hold onto. I like that Babe's serves all the pieces, which is certainly the way grandma did it.

            The blue cheese dressing on my salad was quite good, but my salad bowl wasn't very clean. Since it looked as though it had been through the dishwasher rather than directly recycled to my table, I figured it was safe if not aesthetically pleasing, so I didn't ask for another.

            I thought it was overpriced for what it is, which is a diner--not that there's anything wrong with that.

            My server was very sweet, if not all that attentive. Everyone was very nice ... one would certainly hope for zero snob factor when eating in a gas station, and that expectation was fulfilled :) When looking to get away from the beautiful people, this is an excellent place to do it.

          2. For me, kasha varnishkas with gravy at Deli-News. Same dish for me at home when I make it myself.

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              Now you are just showing off, twin. ;)