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Mar 5, 2010 07:24 PM

How is Giorgio's of Gramercy?

Coming with the family in a few weeks and want to have a nice, moderately priced casual dinner. My mother and sister love Italian food and nothing too exotic. My father and I are foodies and love to try new things. It would be great to find a place that combines the two. Last year I took them to Crispo and they loved it. I figured Giorgio's seems similar in price range and the food looks great from the menu. Not much posted on the board about it. What are your thoughts?

What are some other recommendations for similar restaurants in this price range? We are not limited ot ONLY Italian but just an example of what I am looking for. I am also considering Locanda Verde, Dell'Anima, Blue Ribbon Bakery. Also thinking Artisanal or even Balthazae. I'd love to try Little Owl or Cookshop but their menus seem too restricted for my mother and sister I think. Unfortunatey you cannot order the burger at either at dinner (maybe they would on request??) I would love to hear some more suggestions.

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  1. steak,

    I haven't been to Giorgio's so can't comment but if you are considering other options, you might want to check out Da Andrea. It is even cheaper than Crispo, yet the food is excellent, the service friendly and efficient, and the ambience lively (though not overly noisy) . They have a website, so take a look at the menu and see if it appeals. It's certainly authentic (the owners are from Bologna) and I've never been disappointed with a meal there. The daily specials are always worth considering, and from the regular menu, the carpaccio, grilled calamari, mussels, sweetbreads, and pappardelle are all excellent. It's not fancy but good honest food. Considering the differences in your family's tastes, I think it will strike a good balance.

    1. Girgio's is good for this. I like Giorgio's for two purposes: dinner with parents (or for meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time) or for something that is "centrally" located when you can't figure out what else to eat. It's not transcendent, but it is moderately priced, everything I've eaten there is well prepared, the service is gracious, and the room is nice. I've recommended it a few other times on the board because it's a restaurant that knows what it is, it's consistent, and it serves a good purpose.

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        Thanks to both of you. It seems like most people on yelp really like it as well. And while I usually take people on yelp's opinion with a bit more of a grain of salt than here, they have about 110 reviews and an overall rating of 4 stars.

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          Mr. R. and I had dinner at Giorgio's once several years ago. I was rather surprised at how good the food turned out to be. As Sugar said, not transcendent, but solidly prepared and very tasty. Good portion sizes as well. Service was friendly and competent, and the space has very attractive decor.

          Back in December, we were planning to do a 9-person family get-together. The group ranged from foodies (moi, Mr. R., and our son-in-law) to one person whose cuisine range is quite narrow, i.e., not much passed pasta. I chose Giorgio's for this gathering because it has the kind of menu with something to please everyone. Unfortunately, the get-together had to be cancelled because of that December snowstorm. I should also mention that the gentleman I dealt with on the phone when making the arrangements (the size of the party changed a couple of times) and then calling the day before to cancel couldn't have been nicer. (I think his name was Sean.)

          Btw, despite its name and the fact that there is pasta on the menu, I think Giorgio's cuisine is more Contemporary American than Italian. Just a nitpicky opinion.

          1. re: RGR

            Thanks a lot R it sounds like a very nice place. Again we are looking for something that is moderately priced but also great food and a nice atmosphere. It is nto a special occasion we will just happen to be in the city that day. Sounds like Giorgio's fit the description but am looking for some more options and will continure to research and seek more recs.

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              Honestly, steak, I think that_guy (post below) has a point. You and your dad might be disappointed with the food at Giorgio's. It's not "great," just very good. So, I think you are being smart to consider other possibilities.

              Looking at the other places you mention in your original post, I think the food at Balthazar is much better than Giorgio's. But the vibe is totally different. When full, Balthazar borders on raucous, while Giorgio's is subdued though not funereal.

              I'm not a fan of Artisanal. I've eaten lunch there twice, albeit not recently. Not been tempted to return because I found the food disappointing.

              We had dinner at Cookshop once. Talk about disappointing. The food was mediocre, service was haphazard, seating was very tight, and the noise level was far higher than I had expected, close to being uncomfortable, at least, for me.

              I will give this some thought and see if I can come up with some suggestions that might work for all of you.

      2. Giorgio's is one of my favorite restaurants. I find that they are consistent in their quality of service and food (I love their scallop dish). The menu is varied enough to satisfy a larger group of people. It's a great restaurant to go with family because it's got an ambiance that is "grown-up" without being stuffy.

        1. you will be disappointed with Giorgio's It is a ok restaurant but not nearly as good as any others you have mentioned.
          You might think of Novita which is actually nearby and excellent and pleasant place to dine.

          1. Based on opinions expressed earlier, sounds like Giorgio's is a decent option. Novita, as you probably know, just received a very favorable review from Sifton in the Times. Maybe you could look at Hearth, Apizz, and Peasant, too, and see if the prices work for you. And maybe Mia Dona?