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Mar 5, 2010 06:43 PM

Food in Fredericksburg

This coming weekend I will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fredericksburg (which is at 1060 Hospitality Lane) and will be looking for a few suggestions of where to eat. Am looking for 2 places nearby (hopefully within 3 miles or so), one would be a place where you can drink, be somewhat loud, and be able to get decent food. Should be casual, and could be standard American/pub fare as long as it is GOOD. The other should be a little more upscale, maybe a place to get some drinks and a steak, not to expensive but maybe in the $20-$35 range for a piece of meat.

Of course these places shouldn't be major commercial chains, and if you have any other good ideas for me (even if not exactly meeting the criteria above), please let me know! Always on the lookout for good food.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tru Luvs on Sophia Street is pretty good. It doesn't look like much from the outside, thus I think tourists don't gravitate towards it. However, inside is lovely, white tablecloths and good food; although not a loud place. I'm not sure where the Hilton Garden Inn is located (is that the new one on Caroline Street?). If so, just follow Sophia and cross William Street. It's within one block of William on the right. Another one is La Petite Auberge right on William Street - probably up two or three blocks from Sophia. However, William Street in a one way going the wrong direction if you use Sophia. You will have to go around until you can enter William heading towards the Chatham Bridge. Ask at the hotel desk and they can direct you. Both restaurants are nice casual.

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      I just thought of another restaurant, right on Caroline Street just before you cross over William (if your hotel is located at the end of Caroline, close to Lafayette) and it may fit the bill for where you can get your drinks and be a little loud. It's Fredericksburg Pub. They have something like 100 plus beers - about 30 or 40 on tap. Their bar is unique in that it has ice grooved right in the bar top so when you put your beer down on it, it doesn't get warm. Decent food and seems like a fun place. I've only been there for lunch and not in the evening.

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        Do you mean Capital Ale House? Great place.

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          Insidious Rex - You are absolutely correct. I misspoke. Today, Saturday, Sep 18,2010 is Octoberfest on Caroline Street, sponsored by Capital Ale House. Last year was the first year, with parts of Caroline shut off to car traffic. Apparently, it was so successful that more of Caroline will be off limits to cars and will be foot traffic only. Capital Ale expects the crowds to double. And with perfect weather today, I'm sure it will be very successful. The whole story is on Page 1, Business Section, Free Lance Star if anyone wants to read up on this event.

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            Agreed it was a very well done event and the extra space was much needed (I heard they actually applied for seven blocks after last year's 1 block mad house but the city decided 4 blocks was more prudent. It was much better. Beer lines were manageable. The weather was perfect. The staff was very friendly. The only drawback was the food line which snaked out one side of the event which meant you couldnt get into it if you had beer (I tried and was nearly tackled). My suggestion would be to open two food vending areas next time rather than one. The two beer vendors certainly worked well. And the $2 full liter (empty) steins (not plastic. the real deal) were definitely well received.