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Outstand in the Field 2010

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Hi all,

So they are about to release the new dates on March 15th.......
For those not familiar, here is the site and all will be explained.

My Sweetie and I were wanting to go, buttttt have read a ton of mixed reviews.

We are very wary of paying $200/person for a very bad time. I'm not expecting Michelin but I would like to be fed some good food, and get a nice farm tour.

We had some good friends who had a great time last year so I was curious if anyone else from 2009 had a great time? Maybe they listened to the bad reviews of 2008 and made improvements?

Thanks for any feedback or advice on Farms to go attend for the event. :)

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  1. FYI- per the website and their emailed send outs the release date is March 20th.

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      ""The entire schedule, with dinner descriptions, will be posted
      on March 15th to review - with a FRESH new website!
      Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 20th.""

      is what the email said....sooooo we can start viewing where and when on March 15th :)