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Last supper in SF - Guatemalan hot dogs at Palacio Latino

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There's a daily special at Palacio Latino, but today it was cauliflower with breadcrumbs and no one was interested in that ... uh oh ... it just hit me ... Lent ...no meat on Friday.

I was told their Pepian De Pollo is greatness, but they only serve it on the weekends. The restaurant seems they have a flair for grilled meats.

We finally had
- Mixtas Chapinas 2 soft corn tortillas each with guacamole, sauekraut, tomato sauce and beef frank
- Rellentos 2 small fried platain cakes filed with sweet black beans, sprinkled with sugar
- Enchiladas Chapiunas 2 tostadas with ''curtido'' (dilled beets and cabbage) topped with a bit of ground beef and tomato sauce
- Churraso Chapin grilled flat meat with seasons, cooked to order served with plantains sour cream guacamole rice beans and salad
- Pinapple aqua frescas

There are complementary bowls of soup, usually chicken as it was today. This time it had rigatoni noodles rice and green pieces of chipiin in a chicken broth. The complementary soups are always average at best

The warm soft patty of plaintans with beans in the center were very nice with good banana flavor. Sprinkle on sugar from the dispenser on the table.

Thick house-made corn tortillas were spread with guacamole and topped with more of a curtido than ssurkraut. Actually it was mid-way between those two condiments and had a mild spicy kick. On top of that was a hot dog that was split open and decorated with squiggles of mayo mustard and the 'tomato sauce' ... catsup.

Good for the novelty factor, but i probably wouldn't order again. I think Mexican hot dogs are better ... but almost everything is better with bacon

The enchiladas are really tostadas and were highly recomended. Unfortunately my face gave away I didn't think much of this and no amount of lying that it was fine was going to cut it.

The beets mixed with wilted cabbage and meat didn't seem like a good combination of flavors. The dill flavor was missing or perhaps it couldn't stand out over all the other items. If there was tomato sauce there, I didn't see it. A white raw onion ring and slice of hard boiled egg topped it.

The flat iron steak was nicely grilled, topped with grilled green onions. Very nice to use the thick tamales to make a taco topped with guacamole, and sour cream. The beans are very liquid looking more like a sauce or soup.Ok rice and lettuce as the salad.

It is best to pick one of the seldom seen aqua frescas here. I went with pineapple which was only ok being made from canned crushed pineapple in heavy syrup. Lots of pineapple bits though.

Ironic that what will probably be my last dinner in SF before moving to Guatemala would be Guatemalan. However, my husbad was crushed when the Mexican consolate delayed our trip for paperwork. Driving has a lot more complications than flying. So he wanted a taste of home to cheer up.

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Palacio Latino
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  1. bye for now, rw.
    all the best. keep us posted.

      1. RW, I hope you send reports from Central America. Best of luck.

        1. Very saddened for the rest of us to learn you are going far, far away, rw. Thank you for making it possible for me to find some good chow in the Richmond/El Cerrito/San Pablo desert. You truly "boldly tread where no one has gone before."

          Bon voyage! Or buen viaje I guess is more appropriate...

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          1. re: ptrichmondmike

            I expect someone to report on that new joint in Point Richmond that antarticwidow mentioned. Although someone may have tried it and I didn't catch it as I haven't had much time for Chowhound in the past three weeks. Don't make me somehow fit it into my last few hours. I want a virtual taste of the joint.

            And don't for get to try one of those pasteles at the brazilian joint at MacDonald and San Pablo across from B of A.

            Sad ... I started at 5 am this morning and I'm just going to bed and need to get up at 7 ... and that has been a long nights sleep these past three weeks. If the Mexican consolate blesses Roberto's entrance into Mexico tommorrow , we leave 5am Tuesday. If not, same time next day.


            1. re: rworange

              Your great reporting will be missed, RW. Also, thanks for being a great ambassador for the SFBA board -- so often welcoming new participants and thanking them for posting.

              All the best!