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Mar 5, 2010 04:08 PM

SF: Champurrado, tamales, hot dogs and copies in the Mexican consulate parking lot

If you look across the street from the Mexican consulate on Folsom near first, that white house was my first flat in SF. The neighborhood has changed dramatically in the ensuing years.

New to the nabe since I left are Mexican food vendors in the parking lot next to the consulate. There's a brilliant idea. The lines are long and people run over to the stands while waiting.

At 8 am, it was too early for hot dogs for me. I wasn't in the mood for tamales, but a hot cup of champurrado hit the spot on the chilly morning. I was warned to be careful because it was so hot ... and it was. it was nicely spiced with cinnamon but really, really sweet. In this case that was fine. I need any energy surge no matter how fleeting. The drink kept me gong like the engergizer bunny till noon.

My guys proclaimed it excellent. I'm no so much a champurrado fan so it was nice to hear an expert opinion

There's even a guy making copies in the lot next to the tamale stand which I was informed we needed as we pulled in the lot ... guys ... there's a copier at home. You couldn't tell me then?.

Here's the hilarious (sort of) part. Mexico won't let my husband in with just his Guatemalan passport and visa. Seriously .... Mexico won't let people IN? Seriously, really, seriously?

So trip iterruptus. We have to wait till Tuesday to get the right documents I feel guilty for being so relieved I can maybe get a night or two of sleep before hitting the road.

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        1. Interesting rw - I used to drive by there in the course of my workday and noticed those food vendors. Sounds like they'd be worth checking out sometime at lunch, based on your report. By the time I walk there going back home, the only person that's left is selling pretzels and (I think) churros.

          And I'm not surprised by your Guatemala visa dilemma; everyone knows about the U.S.-Mexico border issues, but there are issues along Mexico's southern border as well. Regardless, I hope you get everything in line soon

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            Have you seen actual churros there? The hot dog / pretzel guy had a cart with a sign for churros. I would have been up for a churro. However when I asked, he said no churros. Since he was just setting up I asked if there would be churros later and he said no. Don't know if it just happened to be a day when he wasn't making churros or he just happened to buy a used churro cart for his dogs and pretzels.

            1. re: rworange

              I guess that was a guess more than anything. It almost looked like he had cupcakes in there one time, which didn't seem to make sense to me. He was starting to close up the cart both times, so I didn't bother to ask

              Reminds me of that churro seller around New Montogmery a year or two back - would just set up a table on some corner offering churros for a buck. One time it was pretty decent, while another time they'd been sitting there awhile, and the cold wind had pretty much made it pretty nasty