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Mar 5, 2010 04:06 PM

Maple syrup trip?

Looks like we're in for some fine spring weekend this weekend. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a maple syrup (farm? plantation?) in and around Toronto that you can visit and sample/buy maple products?

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  1. It's not this weekend, but the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is worth visiting...Saturday March 27 this year.

    1. I think Bronte Creek Park is open on the weekends in March for maple syrup festival. Mention 'sinzibuckwud' and you can get a free piece of candy.
      Hope this helps :)

      1. Thanks for the info, it's too bad I made such a hash of the first sentence.

        1. The Globe and Mail had a piece about this maple syrup festival that starts this weekend...

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            I think it's still a bit early for sap to start flowing. This weekend may get it started though.

            I went to Kortright couple of years ago, also Bruce Mills (Warden and Stouffville Rd) had a small but fun festival.

          2. There's an up to date list with videos, reviews, maps, admission prices, etc. at

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