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Mar 5, 2010 03:55 PM

Need vegan friendly recommendations

Hello board:

I'm trying to plan an evening meal for a group of five in the metro area, and 2 out of the party are vegan. While finding vegetarian food is not hard, vegan is a bit tougher. In addition, someplace with a good middle of the road or better wine list would be a major plus.

Atmosphere does not need to be formal and prices do not need to be high -- in fact lowbrow options are also okay. Just think a casual celebratory dinner with friends, a couple glasses of decent wine, and food that everyone can eat.

Please help this normally highly carnivorous muncher!

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  1. You probably realize some of your criteria is a bit contradictory. It will be hard to find both an inexpensive restaurant and one with a good wine list that could take a reservation for a modest party, plus one that caters to vegans.

    The main thing I'd say is to skip the specifically vegan restaurants. Most are mediocre at best. See this month long vegan eating experiment I did. (The reports start at the link, but there's more info before and after.)

    I'd say that if cheap is the primary concern, Karam is an excellent option. Lots of good meat dishes. Lots of good vegan dishes, plus more that can be made vegan by just dropping cheese or something like that.

    If good wine, reservations, and high quality food are the primary concern, you should contact Metrovino. They made a great vegan meal for me because I warned them I was vegan when I reserved the table the day ahead. They also have an oenomatic with a huge by the glass wine list of high quality wines. You can also order just tastes.

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      I'd also add Tabla (call ahead and arrange) and Farm Cafe (make a reservation, but menu has vegan options).

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        Try Blossoming Lotus. We had a nice glass of wine with a decent vegan dinner (and we are happy carnivores!)

        Blossoming Lotus
        1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97212