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Mar 5, 2010 03:38 PM

Nice Restaurants for Lunch by TCU in Fort Worth

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a nice place close to TCU to take my future daughter-in-law to lunch for her birthday. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've already been to Nonna Tata's with her, so I'm looking for somewhere new. Price is not an issue, but something not too ethnic.

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  1. What about Sapristi? (Just bear in mind that the service is super slow.) The bread pudding is fantastic. Frites are very good. If you like mussels, they have a wide variety of preparations.

    I keep hearing raves about Ellerbe's, but haven't been yet. One of the reasons is that the lunch menu seems pretty limited.

    Fort Worth restaurants tend to be so masculine and steak-y ...

    Cafe Modern at the Modern Art Museum is really nice ... that would be another option. Don't think I've ever had anything I didn't like there. And the Andy Warhol exhibit is going on right now--I enjoyed it.

    1. I would second Ellerbe's - just a few blocks west of Nonna Tata's - although I wasn't happy with the pulled pork and would not recommend it. Known to be good is the curried chicken sandwich, the Axis burger and the shrimp po-boy. I haven't tried any of their desserts, a neighbor reported them to be wonderful. Their menu changes based on what's available both by season and price point, but I don't know how often that occurs. It's very open and airy, with high ceilings - it puts me in mind of Hattie's (if you've been there). I'm only sad that they're not open for lunch on Sat and I think they're closed Sunday.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. Cafe Modern sounded so perfect, as my future daughter-in-law is quite the artistic and refined type. We went over there today with great anticipation...but it is closed on Mondays. Quite disappointing to say the least. Oh well, we still had a nice lunch over at Tavernas. Will try Cafe Modern, Ellerbe's and Sapristis another time. Thanks again.

        1. re: flomogal

          Yes, I remember the day when I learned that all things museum-related are likely to be closed on Mondays :) I think you'll like it when you go back. Be sure to sit where you have a view of the water.

          I've never tried Taverna--will have to go. I like that they have 5 risottos on their lunch menu!

          1. re: foiegras

            Taverna's was good, but certainly not great. Nonna Tata's can't be beat for Fort Worth italian food -- only problem is those darn stools that they have. So uncomfortable. They really need to get some chairs!

            1. re: flomogal

              I'm with you. The whole experience would be SO much better if they had proper seating!! I have read some people bring their own table and chairs for outside eating during fair weather - but then, I don't find outside eating at curbside of a fairly busy street inviting either.... :)