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Hot Dog Bun Re-Use?

The gf and I, being childless, always have tons of leftover hot dog buns. Because they're so airy, I find they pick up a vague freezer smell no matter how tightly I wrap them in multiple layers of plastic wrap and foil. I'm thinking they might work as bread crumbs in a pinch. Thoughts? Other ideas? I. hate. waste.

(Semi-related note: If you can get your hands on Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Hot Dogs, do so.)

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  1. By all means, make bread crumbs outta them.

    1. Alternatively, eliminate the problem by not using hot dog buns. Many other bread options exist, from various rolls to making a dough and wrapping it around the sausage for baking.

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        True enough. And we certainly do just buy a couple of bakery rolls from time to time (especially for brats or Polish- or Italian-sausages), but as a born-and-raised Chicagoan now living in Seattle, replicating a little bit of home ("sport" peppers and all) is sometimes the whole point. And in that case only a fairly cheap classic hot dog bun will do.

      2. You could put some butter and garlic on them and pop them in the oven on broil....they make a nice garlic bread :D

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        1. Hmm, here's a thought: next morning, make some egg batter and do French toast fingers. You can break the tops from the bottoms and just slice a sliver from the top pcs, so it will absorb the egg - unless you don't mind the crust.

          Hey, how about then sandwiching them around some breakfast sausage and maple syrup.

          Man, I will find ANY reason to use maple syrup...

          (Don't call me if this is really gross.)

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            Now that's what I'm talking 'bout. Will try, and will report back---whether you want me to or not.

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              I was similarly going to suggest bread pudding. If you have any canned pumpkin, add a bit and some pumpkin pie spice to the custard mix.

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                Well, eight inch, let me know how it comes out.

              1. they do fine for grilled cheese. and tuna sandwiches

                1. How about as extenders for meatballs or meatloaf?

                  1. how about bread (and butter) pudding?

                    1. I've used hot dog (and burger) rolls in a pinch when I've wanted to make stuffing and did not have any other bread.

                      1. I've been known to make long, funky burger-esque type bun fillers (ok,ok,-it's a hotdog- shape-bun length burger) lightly toast the bun, then add condiments. I think it secretly pisses my husband off because he probably wishes I would just feed the ducks with the leftover h.d. buns and go get some burger buns, but he never lets on.

                        I can get rid of them one at a time by eating cream cheese and jelly sandwiches too, shared with the Labs...

                        1. Thanks for all the great replies, folks. Extremely helpful!

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                            So what did you do? We are all wondering?

                            Personally, if it was just be and another and I was eating Kobe beef dogs, like you, I would get only 4-5 fresh baked buns from the bins at the bakery and eliminate the waste before it starts.

                            Other than that, I have two kids so we use them up making mini sub sandwiches for their lunches the next day. Or meatball subs for dinner. Or food for the birds when we are on hikes. Other than that...

                            I have these visions of the lunchlady at my middle school using day old hot dog buns for these modified, disgusting pizza things, so most re-uses of hot dog buns involving anything like that gross me out.

                          2. You can always use them for french dip as well. We sometimes do this with our leftovers so they don't go to waste.

                            1. Dressing for roast chicken. I wanted to use them before they sat too long in the freezer and being completely awful. Toasted them in the oven, tore them up and made a standard, onion, celery, butter, herbs, and chicken broth dressing. Was darn good. The buns are pretty airy, so the dressing was lighter. Of course what can I say? An old tennis shoe taste great in a nicely roasted chicken!

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                                As indicated above, that's my usual solution for old hd rolls, or any other bread product that's been languishing in my freezer.

                                Along the lines of your "old tennis shoe" analogy, I once used old, inferior poppyseed bagels for stuffing for a roast chicken. I'd bought them from a different bakery than my usual source for bagels, and after one try, no one would eat them. Brushed off as many of the seeds as I could; had to add a bit more liquid than usual because of how dense the bagels were.

                              2. similar to the bread puddings suggested by others, i was going to suggest a strata. layer the split buns with some caramelized onions, sliced sausage, potatoes, roasted peppers and tomatoes. beat eggs with milk, dijon mustard, garlic, parsley or other herbs, and pour over, let soak for 20 min then bake til firm.

                                1. Cut the buns in thirds and toast them. Make mini cheeseburgers, use the rolls for sliders.