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Mar 5, 2010 01:55 PM

5th year visiting...need your help AGAIN!!

So here we go again!! So looking forward to great dining experiences in Vegas. Your suggestions in the past have been I thank you in advance.

Here is the list of where we have been in the past:
Hot 'n Juicy Crawfish
Bar Charlie
Joel Robochon - L'atelier
Burger Bar
Lotus of Siam

No italian, no French, no Steak!!

We loved Raku...We loved Hot 'n Juicy...willing to go off the strip more often. Plus we are willing to go to another high end restaurant. I need 4 nites of reservations. LOL

Look forward to reading your suggestions.

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  1. Todd's Unique in Henderson.

    And for something really different, try Cafe Bleu at Le Cordon Bleu. The menu changes regularly and the kitchen is staffed by students who also rotate as the waitstaff. Only a glass wall separates the dining room from the kitchen, so you get a meal and a show.

    1. As a substitute for Burger Bar try BLT in the Mirage.
      Tapas try Firefly on Paradise or the new Serrano's in Aria (can't wait to try that one myself)
      I second the motion on Todd's Unique
      And for cheap good and old school - Ellis Island - breakfast.
      upscale old school downtown - Hugo's

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      1. re: fishyak

        So here is the line up:
        american fish - tasting menu -
        twist - tasting menu
        rm seafood - tasting menu upstairs

        I know you raved about Todd's Unique but I was nervous how far it was from the Strip.
        Im pretty sure we are going to be happy at the above mentioned restaurants.
        Stay tuned for a report