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Mar 5, 2010 01:43 PM

Joe's O's taste strange the last few boxes

Like the title says _ the kids don't seem to notice but my wife and I agree the there has been a chemical(y) taste in the Joe's O's recently - we no longer eat them out of hand. Different supplier maybe?

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  1. heh, i thought i was imaging it, i think they taste kinds stale, and this has been every box ive purchased since new years, both the regular and the honey as well

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    1. re: shoelace

      They used to be as good as or better than Cheerios...I haven't tried all the off brands so I can't guess what's taken over.

      1. re: ca94805

        Do they have a funny smell to them too?? heh. Ala the Girl Scouts. I am sure you heard about the recall but really, if they are funky, I'd just return them and ask for a refund. While at it, you could/should ask for a manager & see if he/she could enlighten you on the source/supplier.

    2. Yes! My husband and I agree! I'm glad I happened to taste them before giving them to my toddler. Now that I'm sure it's not in my head I'll try to call the store.

      1. Totally- like a soapy after-taste? I was sort of ignoring until my roommate complained about the issue in his box. Very gross.

        1. I know this is an old thread, but I *just* ate some out of the box and noticed the weird bleach-like smell and started googling and arrived here! I'm not a regular O's eater, but have bought some in the past that didn't have this chemical-y taste. I guess I will bring back my box.

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            I thought your comment about the chemical taste was interesting because I recently bought two boxes of Corn Chex and both boxes had a weird chemical taste to them. I was really surprised and disappointed because I've been eating them for years. I wonder if Trader Joe's cereals are manufactured at the same plant as Corn Chex?

            1. re: countersurfer

              I just thought I'd come back here to report that the boxes of Joe's O's I've purchased recently have been totally fine! No weird stink at all.

            2. I bought a box of Honey Nut O's last week & it had a horrible plastic chemical taste. I returned it and bought another box from another store & tried it today and it was the same thing! I'm returning it tomorrow and not buying anymore for a while.

              I wrote to customer service today so all of you should do the same so they are aware of the problem.