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Mar 5, 2010 01:28 PM

Coeliac-friendly places in Manchester ?

Dear all

Any tips for wheat and gluten free dining in Manchester ?

Coeliac Society has recs of seemingly very mixed bag including

Bewleys Hotel (?! )
Dough Pizza Kitchen - NQ
Earth Cafe - NQ ( sounds more like it ? )
Las Iguanas - Trafford Centre (?!)
Pond Quay - Lowry (? )

Some vague optimism tells me there must be more to it than this in Manchester .

Help !

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  1. Can't help with any specifics, I'm afraid. Not the sort of thing you notice unless it's the sort of thing you need to notice.

    But I will chuck in that the Earth Cafe, which is at the Buddhist Centre, is a good bet for a cheap and cheerful veggie brekkie or lunch. On Turner St in the Northern Quarter.

    1. Las Iguana at Trafford Centre is pretty good and the menu clearly labels gluten free options.

      Also, there are some good Tapas places in Manchester-- try should also have some good options for you.

      1. You really don't need to go to anywhere specifically gluten-free. My mum is a coeliac and we've been eating out regularly for my entire life in Manchester. Generally, avoid Italian places, but you should be fine at Indian (don't get naan, obviously) and Chinese (generally, don't get soup as they often thicken with flour. And just ask. Good restaurants shouldn't thicken sauces, gravies or soups with flour, it shows sloppy preparation.