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Mar 5, 2010 12:32 PM

Tower Hill wedding, Worcester - Pepper's Catering?

Hi all,
Although I don't live there, my parents live in Worcester and recommended Tower Hill for my 2011 wedding. It looks like a beautiful site, but they require you to use Pepper's Catering. Since I don't live there, I know nothing about them. I was wondering what Pepper's reputation is? Have you had a good or bad experience with them (or with Tower Hill)? Thanks for any info you have!

(Oh, and if you have other suggestions for wedding locations or caterers in the Worcester/Boston area, that's awesome too.)

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  1. Barbara Cotter is an amazing caterer. She used to own Struck Cafe years back around 93. Tower Hill would be lovely. Never heard of Peppers. I cannot see any reviews. Ask them for wedding reviews..go have a tasting..

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    1. Tower Hill is a magnificent location, and if (as Phelana suggests) the caterer is formerly of Struck, you will be in excellent hands. You'd be hard-pressed to do better!

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        Unfortunately I think that phelana was recommending her as an alternative to Pepper's, in case I didn't have the wedding at Tower Hill. Barbara Cotter is not affiliated with Pepper's, as far as I can tell.

      2. I have been to numerous functions in the Worcester area over the past 7 years that have been catered by Peppers, many of which were at Tower Hill. I think they are wonderful......but I agree with phelana. You should always go for a tasting before you commit to your wedding caterer. Everyone's taste is different. Still, if you could swing Tower Hill for the event, it would be fabulous!!! Best venue in Central MASS, IMHO

        1. You should be safe with Peppers. I've been to several functions where they were the caterer, and never was disappointed. Good luck!

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            I wonder if it is true you HAVE to use peppers? On Barbara Cotter's website she mentions Tower Hill as a link to a partner:


          2. Thanks so much, all! I will definitely do tastings before I commit to anything, don't worry. But knowing that they have a good reputation convinces me that I should definitely give them a chance, assuming I end up getting married in Worcester. I appreciate all your thoughts/suggestions!

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              They charge you for the tasting - FYI! But they are very helpful prepping menus and getting everything you need in order.