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Kingsland Market - new honest to goodness farmers market in the works (Calgary)

It looks like there is a move afoot to get a new farmer's market open at MacLeod Tr & 77th Av SW (one of the old dealerships) I think the idea is brilliant! The FFWD article indicates it was started by a few of the producers at CFM looking to get back to a true farmer's market.


I wish them luck & look forward to the opening!

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  1. Hurrah! I just came to post the Calgary Herald article on the same deal. Also looking forward to a genuine farmers' market in town.


    1. This idea could work, as it will be, AFAIK, the only Farmers/Producers Market (OK the other's are hardly farmers markets, though Crossroads is excellent in the summer) on the train line with a stop a short walk away.

      I travel that section of MacLeod often and there are a lot of empty retail spots, so filling up a big one will make it look much less like a wasteland as well.

      I as well wish them the best.

      1. As a resident of KIngsland, I would be thrilled if this were to move forward. What a great addition to our community!

        1. Finally, a plan that will work for a real calgary farmers market. The people behind it (a group of 6) are excellent business people, understand the issues, and have an excellent plan. They also won't engage in constant war with the vendors. Real food from Alberta farmers. It just doesn't get any better than this.

            1. re: maplesugar


              Too bad. I had thought it would be a nicknack, notion and potion free zone. It's beginning to sound exactly like CFM.

              When the money gets tight, count on the flea market vendors moving in, cuz they're just a step apart from "artisans".

              1. re: Scary Bill

                I know some of the people involved, and I think you'll see an excellent producers market. AFAIK, this is the best "farmers market" news we've had in Calgary for a very long time. The Calgary Kingsland Farmers Market will shine!

                1. re: Bagel Guy

                  In the news I only read about Tim Hoven and Gert Lund. Any other CFM vendors that I can look forward to seeing at Kingsland?

            2. totally looking forward to this new market. i've always been a big fan of crossroads, and it sounds like this will follow a somewhat similar format. i'm not so keen on the barracks market, but am still looking forward to their relocation to blackfoot. we're just on heritage and macloed, so it will be great to have 2 markets within a short distance of our condo. :P

              1. I'm pretty excited as well. A downtown one would make me absolutely giddy, but the fact that the location is only a 20 min walk from the Chinook and 12 mins from Heritage C-train stations is almost as good. Along with density plans for the Chinook area this would be a welcome addition.

                1. I just found out that Community Natural Foods is one of the owners of this market. How can it be a farmer's market if its owned by a supermarket? This disappoints me.

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                  1. re: yycfoodie

                    Last I checked it was a few CFM vendors that were organizing this market. Where did you read about Community's involvement?

                    1. re: maplesugar

                      Even IF Community is involved, does not make a big difference. As long as the vendors are good.

                      1. re: worldwidestuff

                        The problem with one particular large vendor having ownership is that they will not want competitors to their most profitable product areas. This is the same concept at many malls.

                        This is possibly bad news, no question.

                        1. re: Scary Bill

                          News or a rumor? I haven't been able to find anything to suggest Community is involved except for yycfoodie's post.

                      2. re: maplesugar

                        This comment on their FaceBook page seems to be (in part) the basis for yycfoodie's post. It is the second post by Tara Smith-Halden on May 20th.

                        1. re: cancowboy

                          My understanding of Kingsland...the idea and concept were the work and brainchild of Tim Hoven and Gert Lund...both CFM vendors. There are additional investors (owners) and an individual from CNF is involved.

                          1. re: cancowboy

                            Yeah I read Tara Smith-Halden's post a couple days ago too - but it seemed quite distasteful to me. Her arguments were all based on hear-say. Her first post claimed that she, "read an article recently about how most of the markets in Calgary are allowing vendors to sell produce, claiming that it is B.C or Alberta Produce"... yet the article that she posts doesn't support that claim at all. In fact it states that CNF sued owners of the Cherry Pit for wrongly labelling nectarines as BC. The suit was settled and the owner is now on the CNF Board... although the article speaks about the volatile business within CNF, it doesn't support the statements Smith-Halden makes in the post.

                            I have no opinions on the Kingsland Market - I'll try it when they open and base my opinions on it then. I just don't think it's fair to judge the market on rumours and goings on of other markets.

                            Although commercialized, I am sad that CNF is closing because it was super close to my place and I'd developed a loyalty to certain farmers/vendors who I visited almost every weekend.

                            1. re: foodkarma

                              Foodkarma...just need to clarify. The Cherry Pit is a vendor at the CFM and is not connected to CNF (Community Natural Foods) in any way shape or form. No one from management at CFM is involved with Kingsland...but as I stated, there is involvement from an individual connected to CNF. It is true that the owner of the Cherry Pit is presently on the board at CFM. And although they will be closing the present location at the end of November...many of the vendors will be moving to the new location on Blackfoot & Heritage...at present, the Cherry Pit is included. Please continue your loyalty - and just travel a little further east.
                              As for Kingsland....you can be sure that Tim will strictly enforce his vision. There will only be one degree of separation for vendors from the source. I wish them success and you are completely right in not judging something before it opens. I wish everyone could be so fair.

                              1. re: katidyd

                                Hi - thanks.I wasn't actually commenting on Community, rather the whole debate of moral/immoral Calgary Farmer's Market practices... but just realized I'd typed CNF instead of CFM thanks for clarifying for me.

                        2. re: yycfoodie

                          I actually found the information on the Kingsland Farmers Market website. In the job listings, it says they are looking for 10-12 employees to work at a CNF store in the market, and they are also looking for employees for something called the "I Love Alberta Farmers Produce" store which it sounds like is a reseller. I'm not sure what to make of it all. I'm sure there will be lots of great vendors at both markets.

                          1. re: yycfoodie

                            I'm not sure 'I Love Alberta Farmers' produce store is a reseller exactly, that could be produce from a bunch of farmers sold out of one stall...it would make sense to sell together rather than separately - less overhead. I guess we'll see once it opens.

                            1. re: yycfoodie

                              Just my own speculations.

                              As to job postings, it currently shows:


                              •Community Natural Foods (10-12 positions)
                              •Glowing Hearts Coffee and Cupcake Company (2 positions)
                              •Hoven Organic Beef Farm (2 positions)
                              •Lund’s Organic Vegetable Farm (2 positions)
                              •Fieldstone Winery (1 position)
                              •Bumbleberry Orchards (1 position)
                              •Thai Manna (1 position)
                              •Pearson’s Berry Farm (1 position)
                              •Big Tomato (2 produce clerks)
                              •Berries and Cherries (3 produce clerks)
                              •I Love Alberta Farmers’ Produce (10 produce clerks)

                              Not sure how that would translate into CNF ownership, It just looks like they are advertising positions on their vendors' behalf.

                              As to "I Love Alberta Farmers", I think it relates to this facebook posting:
                              "2. We are offering a Farm Direct program to farmers who are unable to attend the market because they are too busy farming. The market will be working with these farmers to help them market their food products into Calgary. We have toured many Alberta farms and investigated how we can help them in their marketing."

                              Someone will have to do the actual selling.

                              As maplesugar said "we'll see once it opens".

                              1. re: cancowboy

                                This looks lke a really good lineup to me. I'll be there on opening day with bells on!

                                1. re: Bagel Guy

                                  I find the whole philosophy of the Kingsland market to be hypocritical. Claiming to be all about the farmers but then giving preference to a reseller/retailer like Community Natural Foods.

                                  There have been other real farmers who have applied to bring their BC fruit to this market, but they have been shut out. I wonder if this is because one of the majority owners of this market is the owner of Community Natural Foods????

                                  Every time I am in Community Natural Foods they look to be making money hand over fist. Do they really need to shut the little farmer out of direct marketing??? SHAME ON YOU COMMUNITY NATURAL FOODS

                                  And please Kingsland Market, act according to the image you are trying to portray. If you are going to support farmers then do it. I've heard enough about the questionable operations of farmers markets in recent years!

                                  1. re: hippiehouse

                                    When did Community Natural Foods go from being a vendor to a majority owner? I've read everything I can about KFM and haven't come across that??

                                    1. re: hippiehouse

                                      hippiehouse, did you apply to be a vendor there? How did you hear about this?

                                      1. re: yycfoodie

                                        I have talked to a farmer at the CFM who applied and was turned down. It has also been confirmed through people I know that work at Community. I have been told that Gary the owner of Community and he is a significant financial partner in Kingsland. If you know anyone that works there you should ask yourself.

                                        I can't think why Community would be selling BC fruit at this location? AS far as I know they are not farmers and there are lots of real farmers who would love this opportunity..

                            2. they opened today, so we went after work. it was pretty quiet and it seemed as if many of the vendors weren't set up. also, at least one of the veggie stands was selling brightly waxed imported veggies in plastic bags, and corn labeled "from california." I was really hoping not to see that kind of thing. as well, there is a large community natural foods stand there, which seems out of place. i'm sure things will improve with time, however.

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                              1. re: nonlinear

                                This is Alberta. There's virtually nothing available in terms of locally grown fresh vegetables and fruit yet. Strawberries are still a few weeks away. Saskatoons should be soon too. Potatoes, carrots, etc are still months away.

                                Realize that virtually everything you eat fresh here is imported, no matter what time of the year.

                                1. re: Shazam

                                  I think it's reasonable to be disappointed. Remember when the market was first announced and owner/organizer Tim Hoven said "Everyone in this market has to make it, bake it or grow it. We want only one degree of separation."
                                  Now that they are open, this doesn't seem to be the case.

                                  1. re: yycfoodie

                                    What specific items were you expecting?

                                  2. re: Shazam

                                    Two comments:

                                    The best "farmers market" I've been to for produce here is Crossroads in the late summer and fall when AB and BC produce is ready.

                                    It's too bad that no one feels it economic to bring in Ontario produce-at least it is Canadian and not California farm factory-since there is a lot of fruit and vegetables that have been sold at Ontario farmers markets for the past month, produce from Niagara, Holland Marsh, etc. And, though I know it would be different here, the prices are very reasonable.