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Mar 5, 2010 12:11 PM

Post-Broadway Show Dinner Suggestions Needed

Hi all,

I am going to Mamma Mia for a 2pm show tomorrow and am looking for somewhere delicious that would ideally be walkable given that the weather should be good tomorrow.

I am eagerly looking for something with lots of vegeterian options for the wife- possibly Greek, Indian would be at top of the list but really up for most things as long as there are solid options. I am not really looking for anything upscale but would like to have a nice sit down dinner, anywhere from $30-$60 per person for the meal.

Thanks a lot, should be fun.

(The show is at the Winter Garden Theater at 50th and Broadway)

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  1. For those of us that don't know the theater's exact location off-hand, please advise. Thanks.

    1. Winter theatre - Broadway, between 50th & 51st Streets.
      Uncle Nick's

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      1. re: babbabooey

        Thanks babba.
        Since you'll be right there, I'd just head over to Toloache, which is located on the same block:

        1. re: babbabooey

          Thanks, this looks like a good option. Tons of things on the menu. I would assume it is pretty laid back from pictures and no need for reservations, etc..
          Have you eaten there Babba? good? By the way, great great username. Fla-fla-floeey

          I notice Toloache doesn't have a website which is a bit annoying but the menu also seems extensive. A little pricey from what looks like standard Mex fare?

              1. re: LeahBaila

                This place looks really good! Makes the choice more difficult, thanks!
                Assume a reservation may be needed here.

          1. ate at toloache before a show, just posted a review in this thread:


            in summary - the veggie options didnt look that expansive, and unless you've upgraded from yankee fan to yankee owner, have low standards for mexican food, or generally order an appetizer as your main and get full, id look at other options.

            then again, if you go and have something positive to report, let us know.

            1. Thank you all. Made the necessary trip to Amy's bread before hand for some of that fine fennel raisin bread.

              For early dinner, ended up at Uncle Nick's. Thought it was very very good. My wife got the veggie moussaka and I got the calimari platter. Both were delicious as was the tzatziki and pita snack appetizer.

              Highly recommended.