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Mar 5, 2010 12:09 PM

Cranberry restaurant for a bridal shower

I would be grateful for any recommendations on where to host a bridal shower for 20 people in the Cranberry Township area (Butler County). I'm looking for something with a private room and good food, closer to the higher end in terms of setting. TIA.

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  1. Just like the memorial dinner thread. This is tough. There may be something that's not strictly a restaurant out there, although nothing comes immediately to mind.

    Siba could be an option. The setting in there should still be good. The service and food has not been that consistent IMO, although I haven't been now in probably a couple years again. It's still there, so they must be doing something okay. As far as restaurants that are really in the Cranberry area go, this is about as high end as they get unless I'm forgetting something. The Springfield Grille is done up in a fine steakhouse sort of way, but I don't remember any way they can create a private room.

    In that other thread I suggested considering a short drive down to the Wexford interchange (Rt 910) off I-79. Now I like the food at Bella Frutteto, but the setting of the space I don't find particularly higher end. It's fine but still reasonably casual. I throw it out there, you decide

    I didn't bring this up in the other thread, but Stone Mansion could be a good option. (I have never been here.) Again off the Wexford exit, very easy to get to.

    1. We have a private dining room at the Springfield Grille in Mars ( just east of Cranberry on Route 228. It will comfortably seat 36 people and can be used for day or evening events including bridal showers. Please let me know if I can help. I am the dining room coordinator and would love to show you the room. Dena 724 778 8700

      1. I second The Springfield Grille. The banquet room has its own bar and is very private, and the food is great.
        I would also consider Jimmy Wan's ( It serves wonderful Asian cuisine, and has a great private room. They offer many dishes that would appeal to people who want Americanized Asian cuisine, as well as some authentic dishes that would appeal to adventurous palates as well.

        1. How about Atria's in Warrendale? Went to a baby shower there and we were provided with a separate room and the food was good. The decor is also very pretty and feminine.