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Mar 5, 2010 12:03 PM

How late is too late to get to Snow BBQ?

Hi Hounds,
I want to go to Snow but as my friend put it, "I'm terrified of driving an hour there and finding out that they've run out of brisket, but at the same time, the idea of eating brisket right after I've woken up is unappealing."
Personally, the idea of eating brisket right when I wake up or even being roused from sleep by brisket is highly appealing. Eating it at midnight before bed is appealing. Learning to sleepwalk, just so that I can enjoy it in the middle of the night also sounds pretty awesome.
However, can any Snow eaters (or people who made the drive too late) let me know *just* how quickly they sell out of BBQ?
I'm going to get the responses, average them, and disaggregate the data based on driving conditions, season, age, gender, race and political orientation, then share the results of my quantitative study with everyone.
Thanks in advance,

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  1. I've been twice - the first time we got there at 10:20, stood on a short line, and they had plenty of brisket - people who came as we were finishing up were still getting served. The second time, we got there at 10:40, and they were out - they had been out for over an hour. Apparently there was some kind of game that day and they were cleaned out of everything except sausage. We saw some regulars getting served from a secret back-up stock, and as disappointed as we were, it was OK.
    BTW - the brisket is the most tender I have ever had - I actually have never come across more tender brisket anywhere. The flavor was good, very good, but one particular trip to Smitty's and many to Black's hold memories of superior flavor.
    Driving conditions were favorable, one visit in early fall, one in spring, 41-44, 2 male/1 female, Italian Irish Finnish, depends on the issues.

    1. Depends on which meat you want. They usually run out of brisket first. I'd get there comfortably before 10am if I were you.

      Many people just send out a driver with a cooler, and pack the hot bbq back home for an early lunch.

      1. Call them and ask!

        They've added capacity, so 8 AM is no longer a must. But we've never arrived later than 10 AM, so I can't tell you what happens after that.

        1. Husband and I have been three times - 2 last summer and one early fall. The first trip in early July, we arrived shortly after 9:00am, skeptical of eating brisket for breakfast. There was no line and we were sold for life. Second trip (late July or early August), we called ahead and set aside a whole brisket and a whole pork butt to pick up. Got there around 10:00am. There was a long line, but they weren't sold out. Third time, in early October, we got there around 9:30am. There was a short line, but they had plenty of all meat, but a huge line formed shortly after our arrival.

          As I said, I wasn't sure about eating an abundance of smoked meat for breakfast, but the brisket was so good on the first trip, I didn't think about what time it was after the first bite. Tell that to your worried friend. It's best to go early and eat it while it's hot. If you want to call ahead and take it home in a cooler to eat closer to lunchtime, I really do suggest getting a whole brisket as it travels better. And think of all the perfectly tender and delicious leftover brisket you can put away in your freezer. It's a worthwhile experience.

          1. As everybody's mentioned, many people come to Snow's and pick up meat to take to parties, sporting events, etc. I got there about 9:45 and stood in a short line and they had plenty of meat left, but I did notice that the drunk-before-10:00-am frat types who came in while we were sitting there eating (maybe not actually drunk, but definitely at least tipsy, with beers in hand), bought about 20 pounds of meat. It only takes a few buyers like that to wipe out the supply pretty quickly. On the plus side, if you email or call them by Thursday, they are happy to set aside some meat for you to pick up later. I think they'll hold meat until noon or later if you need them to.