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Mar 5, 2010 11:58 AM

Bradley Ogden @ Caesars: Simply the best, all around!

OK, I must admit I was a little afraid of trying this place. I backed out of a reservation for my dad's birthday over a bad review. I was second-guessing myself when I was thinking of the reservation for my birthday (well, the day after, but I celebrated) last night.

However, all my doubts were thrown out the window once a friend and I went into Bradley Ogden and began to take in the casually elegant ambience. This place is so luxurious, yet so comfortable! And yes, the same goes for the food.

The breads were fresh and interesting. The sourdough tasted like the best I could find in San Francisco. The blue corn muffin was perfectly soft and sweet and delectable. The butter complemented both breads quite well.

We were then served an amuse bouche of shrimp ceviche. Since I'm a vegetarian I couldn't really dig into it, what I could taste seemed refreshing. My friend really seemed to enjoy the small bite of it.

And now for the appetizer. The Maytag Blue Cheese (Mini) Souffles were simply divine! The cranberries, raisins, and candied pecans complemented the souffles quite well. The savory, the tart, and the sweet were brought together beautifully and made for fantastic flavors in this dish.

So what about the entree? I ordered the gnocchi, since it looked interesting. It was a potato gnocchi dish with shaved parmesan, shiitake mushrooms, broccolini, and parmesan foam. And yes, all these ingredients came together exquisitely! Not only did the dish look beautiful, but all the ingredients meshed perfectly. The gnocchi were tender, the veggies were cooked well, and the parmesan added some good tang.

After that great dish, I was ready for something sweet again. And when perusing the dessert menu, the bananas foster cake really stood out. So I ordered it. And I really enjoyed it! The cake was moist and tasty, while the vanilla ice cream was a refreshing complement and the bananas added a lovely fruity touch.

And finally, we were served a complimentary post-dessert sweet bite of butterscotch pudding. This really hit the high note for me, as it was sweet but still satisfying and a fabulous way to end a perfectly fabulous dinner.

All my photos from last night can be found here:

Bradley Ogden
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed this place. I have reservation there tomorrow night!

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    1. re: SugarCooking

      Thanks... And let us know on Monday if your experience was what I hope it will be. I was really pleasantly surprised by Bradley Ogden, and I hope to return soon.

      Oh wait, I will be for Vegas Uncorked! Yay! :-D

      1. re: SugarCooking

        Great service and good food (IMHO) but salty...everything was so salty! I look forward to your review as it has been a while since our first salty experience.

        1. re: foodiesnorth

          Uh oh! When was this? None of my dishes seemed overly salty, and I'm not one for loads of salt (though I'm not afraid to use it, either). I hope this won't be a problem when I go back.

          1. re: atdleft

            Well, in fairness, I should have noted that this was three years ago! Everything was so good but for the salt. We are not afarid of salt when we cook or as a finish on lots of food, but when you can't get past the salt overtones, it is wrong. We met the man himself and he was very gracious and invited us to tour the kitchen with a few other couples.. I really have to give the guy another chance...

            1. re: foodiesnorth

              Then do, if you can, next time you're in town. I was originally afraid because of a few past negative reviews, but there's obviously a good reason why Michelin and Forbes still give the place top honors.

              In fact, I'll be doing the Bradley Ogden dinner at Vegas Uncorked in May... I can't wait! :-)

          2. re: foodiesnorth

            This is a very interesting comment to me. I ate there last week and had the sturgeon. The salt definitely stood out. To me, the way it was salted was actually one of the high points (granted, I like salt a little more than the next person). The salt definitely stood out, but not in an overly salty way. The salt itself was delicate and I thought it brought together all the flavors perfectly.

            My husband, who never puts salt on anything, also tried a piece and commented that he thought the salt made the dish. I could see how it might be overpowering if they use a heavy hand, but definitely give it another shot because I thought the whole meal was fantastic!

            1. re: SugarCooking

              We will definately try Bradley again (thanks to this thread). Don't get me wrong, we love salt. I doubt anyone has more kinds of salt in our kitchen as we do. We usually have 5 or 6 kinds at our dinner table. We use it to enhance not to make or hide the taste. Our one experience was that the salt became the taste. So much in food is personal preference and that is why we love to finish our meals ourselves when it comes to salt.

              1. re: foodiesnorth

                "Our one experience was that the salt became the taste."

                Well, that's never good. I just hope you won't have that same experience when you're back. Thankfully I did not, and apparently neither did SugarCooking. Salt is great when it enhances the flavor, but it's never good when it IS the flavor.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Just wanted to add my two cents since I just ate there last week. I went with my husband and we both loved everything we had. I had the sturgeon (which I had never had before) and it was actually one of the best fish dishes I've ever eaten. I'm from Miami so this is a pretty big statement. My husband had the pork loin and raved about it. He said it was so tender and juicy, unlike any pork he's ever eaten.

            My only complaint is actually that the portion size was too big. This may be not be an issue for some, but by the time dessert arrived (which we had already paid for in the prix fix) we were stuffed!

            Speaking of dessert: My husband, the peanut-butter lover, ordered the chocolate/peanut butter trifle. It was very good. It was rich and dense so if that's what you're looking for, order it. I ordered the bananas foster cake. It was definitely the low point of the meal for me (but not bad by any means), however the cream cheese ice cream that came with was to die for! If you get dessert, I suggest just ordering some of their homemade ice cream.

            Overall I thought this restaurant was great and would definitely go back!

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            1. re: SugarCooking

              Heh. I guess I'm a real piggie, then! :-D

              No really, I was actually pleased with the portion sizes. The last time I ate gnocchi at a high-end restaurant was in December when I tried Silk Road at Vdara. Now don't get me wrong, the dish was lovely and had great flavors... It was just tiny IMHO for an entree plate.

              OTOH, I thought Bradley Ogden's gnocchi dish was just the right size (especially for $31!). I didn't find it too big at all, but then again I must admit that all I had for "lunch" was coffee and a muffin, so I was HUNGRY!

              I actually really enjoyed the bananas foster cake, but next time I'm there I'll have to taste that trifle for myself. Thanks for the tip!