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Sashimi Grade Fish/Seafood

Does anyone know of a grocery store in the Twin Cities area that carries great Sashimi Grade fish/seafood?

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  1. About the only place that we go for this is Coastal Seafoods:
    2330 Minnehaha Ave S.
    Minneapolis, MN
    St. Paul
    74 S. Snelling
    (Grand & Snelling)
    St.Paul, MN

    1. Lunds has sashimi grade tuna most of the time, but we shop pretty exclusively at Coastal for seafood.

      1. I also recommend Coastal Seafoods for any sashimi grade seafood. True, Lunds/Byerly's has sashimi grade labeled tuna on hand most of the time but it is carbon monoxide treated (which is why it has the pink color instead of a more ruby-red). Carbon monoxide hinders oxidation of the fish, so the color does not change as the fish degrades with age... carbon monoxide does not hinder the rate at which fish goes bad...

        1. I also get sashimi grade fish from Coastal. They always list what they have as sashimi quality on the chalkboard or just ask. My favorite is tuna, but they also have hamachi, and sometimes uni as well as many other types of fish. They also sell ikura (salmon eggs). They used to sell ika (cuttlefish), but no longer, but they do sell it at United Noodles (frozen, but delicious).

          1. Thanks to everyone for the input! Now.....to learn how to roll it into Maki & Nigiri! :)

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              Coastal also has (or *had*; it's been a while since I looked) sushi-making classes which were not inexpensive, but worth it in terms of participation and the quality and quantity of the ingredients they supplied.

              I also noticed that Tanpopo will be offering a sushi class on April 4. That might be way sooner than the next Coastal class.

              1. re: steve_in_stpaul

                Thanks Steve! I checked out classes at Coastal, and they still offer them. http://www.coastalseafoods.com/classes

            2. Apparently, the best you can get in the midwest, because of logistics, is -1,+2.

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                Can you please explain what you mean by "-1, +2" ?

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                  I just took the sushi class at Whole Foods (the rice was crunchy, but it was fun and you got a lot of crunchy rice sushi). I may be wrong, these are the fish grades and they relate to time from catch to plate. The best is +1.

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                    Oh! More questions:

                    - With "-1, +2" were you listing two separate grades or something that meant "one grade lower than the best" ?
                    - Do those numerical ratings correlate in some way to Sashimi grade, Sushi grade, etc?
                    - Did the WF people clarify whether they were talking about generalities for the Midwest, their own logistics, or ALL the seafood purveyors in the Twin Cities? I ask because Coastal's boat & flight arrangements may yield a different answer, so would want more info from both spots before accepting the declaration as a universal truth.