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Mar 5, 2010 11:34 AM

Restaurants in Austin serving organic,pastured meats & sustainable fish?

My husband and I will be in Austin(from Seattle) for long Easter week-end.
Any suggestions(other than Trulucks) for places that would meet the criteria?
Thanks in advance to "all y'all" Chowhounds down there in Texas!

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  1. For fish, Whole Foods flagship on 6th St. and Shoreline Grill to start.

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    1. re: brentwood

      grangie, lest you think brentwood is telling you to go to the supermarket, there is one thing you need to know about the whole foods mothership downtown:
      it's so big that they have little cafes throughout the store.

      this means you can mosey up to the seafood area, sit down, and have a glass of wine and some freshly prepared food all from your bar stool.

      i would also suggest:
      dai due supper club


      jezebel apparently does a seasonal, true prix fixe (no pre-made choices, chef makes it all up based on what's fresh and local)

      the traveling bistro has a brunch residence at nomad right now, and uses a lot of local ingredients and regional recipes:

      odd duck for sure, for locavore cuisine al fresco:

      east side showroom:

      olivia is fresh produce-driven:

      have fun, and enjoy!

      1. re: dinaofdoom

        Thank you so very much,'ve given me a nice selection.I will start researching them soon.
        And yes---I did think brentwood was sending me shopping!
        I didn't know the "mothership" of WholePaycheck had those offerings in the
        seafood dept.....not so,here in Seattle.
        Thanks again,it's def. a start .

    2. I think for locally-sourced, sustainable food you couldn't do much better than Wink. I had a meal there recently that was one of the best - if not the best - meals I've had in Austin since I moved here 3+ years ago. Everything was refined and perfectly executed and delicious.

      Wink Restaurant
      1014 N Lamar Blvd Ste E, Austin, TX 78703

      1. A few places on my ever growing list that do over some if not all organic pastured meat
        -Texas French Bread
        - Huts Hamburgers
        -Elevation Burger
        -Austin Land and Cattle
        -Trio at the 4 seasons ( they have an amazing happy hour)
        -Kerby lane ( some meat but varies)
        -Opal Divines
        - The mighty cone
        - Ruby's BBQ ( not to be confused with Rudys BBQ)
        -Lamberts BBQ
        -Changos Tacos
        -Taco Deli (Thunder Heart Bison)
        -East Side Cafe
        -Sweetish Hill
        -Thai Fresh
        - House Pizzeria
        And last but not least if your staying down town, the Austin farmers market has an amazing sausage and biscuits breakfast by Dai Due on Saturday mornings

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        1. re: Javeing

          Oh My....Thanks also to javeing! Will start looking into all your recommendations.

          1. re: Javeing

            if anyone is interested, chango's has a buy two tacos, get one free coupon right now.


          2. Buenos Aires Cafe serves locally pastured meats. There is also Somnio's, but i've had mixed experiences there.
            For a locally raised burger, P. Terry's.

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            1. re: amiga74

              P. Terry buys their beef from Harris Ranch, which is in California.

              1. re: amiga74

                According to their website, they (BA Cafe) serve organic meats. There are no local, certified organic meats available in Central Texas. Organic doesn't mean pastured, either. Often, certified organic beef is raised on certified organic corn on a certified organic feedlot and therefore not pastured, or grassfed. P Terry's does not serve locally raised beef, either.