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Mar 5, 2010 10:49 AM

Best Dessert in DC?

Any thoughts? I'm a big fan of gelato here (both Pitango and Dolcezza, I think, beat anything I've had in NYC) and Georgetown Cupcake. But defining desert beyond desert only places - what's the most memorable experience you've had recently?

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  1. Ungentrified SE. Thick with residences, plenty of nice people, but absolutely starved for commerce.

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      Thanks for catching the typo :)

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        Butterscotch Pot de Creme at Blacksalt. I

      2. But seriously I love the sticky toffee pudding at Commonwealth Gastropub

        1. Recently I have been wowed by: the chocolate mousse cake at Pastries by Randolph (whole cake, but they may have individual sized ones), cheesecake with raspberry at Central (I really like the banana split too), the chocolate cake at Brasserie Beck, the trio of creme brulees at Blacksalt (done very well for creme brulee wasn't boring and flavors were great). But the brown butter cake at Eventide has been hands down my favorite recently.

          1. the deserts at Hook are really good. I wasnt super blown away by my meal but I would definitely go back for sweet stuff.

            1. It wasn't really recently but a few years ago around this time Bardeo had a goat cheese cheesecake with cherries and balsamic vinegar that was out of this world. The cake was creamy and light with a little goat cheese tang.

              I couldn't tell you one other thing I ate that night, but that stupid little cheesecake stuck in my head.