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Mar 5, 2010 10:00 AM

ISO Botargo in GTA

Searching everywhere for this, and can't seem to find. I know that there are probably a dozen alias', but even guesses might help. Thanks!

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  1. Pusateri's have it for sure (in the cabinet that holds the caviar). BUT be prepared to open your wallet wide. I believe it's called Bottarga there.

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    1. re: estufarian

      Thanks - checked Pussateri's out - they have it from time to time - but were out of it when I was there. They said around $70 for a few of ounces. I'm sure there has to be a someone with it in Little Portugal / Little Italy - the search continues. Thanks!

    2. I have seen it a La Salumeria at Yonge and Glebe.

      1. The Seafood Depot has Tuna Bottarga.

        You can try any of the better fish mongers in Toronto (like City Fish or Diane's Seafood) or Lotus Catering and Fine Foods (1960 Lawrence Ave. E. near Pharmacy Ave., 416-757-8315) which, according to an article in The Star, sells Mullet Bottarga.

        1. Perhaps the best place to find bottarga is in the strip of Lawrence Ave. E. in Scarborough called Lawrence of Arabia:

          1. *bump*

            any new sightings? you can pick up a whole roe at the cheese boutique for about $38, it looks authentic from all the labeling so i'm not sure how pusateri's can charge what they do. also, any confirmations if its mullet roe vs another fish?

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              I've had some luck purchasing it from a certain restaurant. But no longer. Going to try to go by the Cheese Boutique this weekend. Thanks for the tip and