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Mar 5, 2010 09:47 AM

Asian near Gwinnett Arena?

Can anyone recommend a good interesting Asian Restaurant near the Arena in Gwinnett or Discover Mills. I can drive a few miles if necessary. Thanks

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  1. Only place that comes to mind in the immediate vicinity is Thai Diner at Discover Mills, which has surprisingly good Thai food and pretty good sushi. If you drive a little further down to Pleasant Hill Rd. and a few miles off the highway you have a lot of options. Book Chang Dong Tofu House for Korean, namely tofu soup. What the Pho? There are a lot of options in that area that I haven't tried but I am sure you can find more searching the board.
    I've heard good things about East Pearl Seafood House off of Pleasant Hill, closer to 85, namely in terms of their dim sum

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      We ended up at Honey Pig Korean BBQ which was quite good.
      Thanks for the suggestions