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Mar 5, 2010 09:47 AM

Huitlacoche in MSP?

I've recently fallen in love with huitlacoche gorditas at Los Ocampos. Does anyone know where I can find this delicious diseased corn smut for sale in markets in Mpls or St Paul so I can experiment and cook with it myself? Canned or fresh? Do they have it in farmer's markets during Spring/Summer at all? Any help would be awesome!

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  1. I've boughten canned from both El Burrito Mercado and the Mercado on the corner of Lake/Bloomington.

    El Burrito Mercado
    175 Cesar Chavez St Ste 2, Saint Paul, MN 55107

    1. Valerie's Carniceria on Central has it canned. Actually, I think most of the supermercados on Central have the canned version.

      I have never seen it fresh and/or at the Farmer's Market. Seems too specific and not Hmong-enough to make it to our markets.

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        I would think that to find it fresh it would have to be in the fall when corn is mature; it is highly perishable and don't think it would ship well. Something to look forward to searching for.