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Chameau on Fairfax is now... Deli Bar?

Signage went up yesterday. They've opened up the space, but haven't been able to see much else. Anyone know what the new concept is?

Mr Taster

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  1. oh that's a bummer. chameau was great. i saw that it seemed closed last week, but i guess now it's been confirmed.

    1. Bummer. Wish they had offered lunch. I would have been there a lot more often...

      1. Sad to hear Chameau is gone. I'll miss their cool style of French-Moroccan cuisine, especially their excellent fresh fish with charmoula and great couscous

        1. Well, their website claims 'closed for remodeling,' and the ABC license site doesn't show any change of ownership yet, so perhaps it will be a reconcepting of the old menu rather than a full turnover.

          1. Update

            Papers are off the window. Space has been converted into a stylish, vaguely Moorish-mod sandwich/salad cafe. Menu posted outside confirms this.... "Chameau Deli Bar"

            Duck bastilla is nowhere to be found. In it's place.... panini, sandwiches, salads, soups... most under $8. There's even a "make your own sandwich" area of the menu, though this makes me lose a little faith in the concept, for some reason.

            This is less of a re-tooling and more of a hack-and-slash, full-on concept change to apparently compete with other affordable, high quality Fairfax options like Golden State.

            I for one will always welcome affordable deliciousness into my neighborhood. Fingers crossed...

            Mr Taster

            1. i went today. it's empty. i like what they did with the space. i had half soup and sandwich and it only came out to a little over $7. the soup was fresh and delish and i did a build your own sandwich with pretzel bread. i thought it was all really good and to tell the truth other than a food truck, i can't recall the last time i paid around 7 bucks for a fresh, good portioned lunch. i hope this place does well.

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                Can you talk a little about what you ate? What kind of soup was it? And sandwich?

                Mr Taster

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  sure. i did the build your own sandwich and got pretzel bread, dijon spread, roasted veggies, and sharp cheddar cheese. the soup was ministrone and it was vegetarian and had carrots, celery, white beans, and perfect macaroni. they also had new england clam chowder soup as well. the salads looked great- big and not too expensive, around 6 or 7 bucks for a big bowl of bright looking veggies. the deli case stuff looked good- roasted veggies, stuff like that. plenty of desert looking stuff too. it's worth a trip if you are close by to check it out and not break the bank and have a fresh homemade lunch.

                  1. re: Clyde

                    Anything in the least bit Moroccan about anything on the menu any more?

                    1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                      I remember seeing a merguez sausage sandwich on the menu. But Moroccan certainly doesn't appear to be the focus of the menu anymore... it's more of an eclectic mishmash. I think I recall seeing a sandwich with brie as well as the requisite turkey wrap.

                      Mr Taster