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Mar 5, 2010 09:30 AM

Suggestions for Royal Tunbridge Wells, SW Kent in General, Winchester, Cotswolds, Oxford and Stratford please

I'm traveling with a groups of friends in early May looking at gardens, and would like suggestions for good, but not expensive, pubs or other lunch spots in the Cotswolds, Oxford, Chawton and Kent. Dinner spots in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Winchester, Oxford, and Stratford. Thanks!

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  1. For Kent, the obvious pub answer is the Sportsman at Seasalter and the Granville at Lower Hardres - both owned by the same family. I'll also throw in the Yew Tree at Barfreston. And for non-pub, the Goods Shed in Canterbury

    Cotswolds is a big place, including bits of at least three counties. You'll need to be more specific to be meaningful.

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      Apologies - I see now your title asked for south west Kent. My reccs are all towards the north and east.

    2. THE place to eat these days in Oxford seems to be the Magdalen Arms. You can search for information about it through the box above. It's gotten rave reviews from many, and Oxford doesn't seem to have a lot to offer. We had a nice lunch at the new restaurant within the renovated Ashmolean.

      Winchester is a nice town but seems to abound in the usual chain restaurants. Hopefully, someone will know a more interesting place to have dinner there.

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        I've not been, but The Plaice in Winchester (S022 6JN) made The Times' top-10 fish-and-chip restaurants in the UK list last year, so may be worth a visit.

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          Winchester has a usually reliable Hotel du Vin & Bistro.

          The Plaice was the regional winner in the Fish & Chip Shop of the Year Competition, 2009/10. It didnt progress further into the final 10.

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            Chesil Rectory under new (ish) ownership seems to be getting plaudits. The Black Rat is good, if a little overpriced, however they do a weekend lunch at the moment I think. Good indian at Gandhis, always impressed that they can cook meat properly.

            Thai at Bangkok Brasserie (not tried) popular, good lunch offer again, £7 for two courses I think.

            Cadogan and James on the square do very good sandwiches and i think have introduced platters too

            Tunbridge Wells it is difficult to go passed Thackerays, have alwasy eaten well there, again bargain lunch,£19 for three courses plus trimmings

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            1. Kingham Plough pub in Cotswolds, Sojo in Oxford - one of the best Chinese I've had in years.

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                Doesnt the KIngham Plough get some very mixed reviews (he said, politely)? Perhaps unsurprising for a place which, on another board, I see proudly told the poster that they cook their burgers sous-vide.

                Sous-vide? Burger? Place should be closed for crimes against gastronomy.

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                  I've found it good so far, but perhaps it is guilty of certain crimes (although I thought that about the Canton Arms' foie gras toastie until I tried it...) ... or else, if my geography serves me correctly, on the way from Winchester to Oxford you could always try the Pot Kiln, sister pub of the Harwood Arms, serving lots of local game etc. Lovely location, too. It's in Yattendon, easy from the M4

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