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What to order at Elite Dim Sum

I would like to know what to order tomorrow morning at Elite Dim Sum. Keep in mind that I have been there before. Nothing with shrimp but everything else OK even larger noodle dishes. What do you like the most? I am adventurous...

Yes, I will get there early. Thanks.

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    1. Even though Elite is officially an "order off the menu" place, when we were there, we found that the "What's that thing that just went by?!?" feel from the carts model hadn't been lost completely; that periodically waitresses would wander through and offer stuff, much of which seemed to be stuff not specifically on the menu...

      1. I like their dan taht, Macao roast pork, Shark fin dumpling in soup.

        1. Order the Cha siu baau and don't stop. I overdose on them every time I go.

          As far as other stuff goes, everything I've had there is worth ordering so start at the top of the list and go down and then just pick up where you left off at the next visit:)

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            mrshankly..."...start at the top of the list and go down..."

            We have actually tried this! The problem is that we have our favorites, and "our favorites" list keeps growing. Two of us can order about 6 items per visit, and we always want our favorites...well, you see the problem. Still, we try to sample one new item each time; almost everything there is delicious!

          2. I'm not allowed to order shark fin anything

            For non-shrimp items, I like:
            pan fried noodle with XO sauce
            Shui Mai (I think their's is the best)
            Chinese sausage clay pot
            Bok Choy with fish sauce
            pork shank
            egg custards

            1. Macau roast pork
              Snow buns (these are sweet)

              1. Elite serves some of the best dim sum I’ve had the pleasure of eating, especially the:

                Crystal Shrimp Har Gow
                Pork Shui Mai
                Shark’s Fin Dumpling in Supreme Soup Stock
                Dried Scallop and Crab Fried Rice
                Roast Duck
                Pork Leg w/Peanuts
                Pork Spare Ribs w/Chili in Black Bean Sauce
                Baked Pork Bun
                Macau Egg Custard
                Baked Durian Pie

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                  i second macau pork!
                  also their sticky rice is really good....last time they had plate of grilled shishamo (smelt with eggs) that was really tasty!

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                    We had sticky rice there this morning and I did find a shrimp in mine. I do agree, rickym13, that their sticky rice is exceptionally good.

                    Over the years we have tried the others; Elite has been my favorite dim sum restaurant for a few years now. I love their House Sugar Cake (on the menu under the steamed items). It comes to you steaming and looks like a dark brown honeycomb! I have never tasted anything to compare with this one. Be careful that you don't confuse this item with another brown cake on the menu.

                    I also agree with mrshankly above who wrote that you can pretty much pick any dish at Elite...it is all so good!

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                    I love Elite's pork spare ribs (排骨)

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                        I'm with you... if it isn't the best dim sum in LA at the moment it's next in line.

                        The har gow are outstanding, as are the shu mai (HUGE and JUICY!)

                        The Macau-style pork is amazing, I love the Macau-style egg custard (like Portuguese pasteis de nata). In addition, their "magic rice" (steamed in the banana leaf) is excellent, and they have amazing laai wong baau (the usual bao, round, but filled with hot, liquid, gooey egg custard).

                        Brown sugar gao is really good, like a steamed cake that's a cross between angel food cake and sweet injera. And when they have it, soup of winter melon stuffed with scallops. They also have some of the best pay daan sau yuk juk (porridge with 1000-year-old eggs and lean pork) I've had outside HK.

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                          Hi, Das Ubergeek!
                          I agree with all of your picks!

                          That brown sugar gao that you mentioned is the stuff of my dreams...it is so special.

                          You also mentioned their porridge. We don't order it often because it is so filling; then we never have room for anything else. However, it is the best porridge I have had in any dim sum restaurant in LA.

                          This morning I warmed a single sticky rice wrap that we took home from our weekend visit to Elite. Three days later...it was as good as it is when it is served fresh. I think this means that it was freshly made when it was originally served to us. Their sticky rice is always a favorite of ours. I have noticed that it is often a surprise: sometimes I find a shrimp, sometimes I find a generous serving of ground pork. One wrap can be different from the next, but they are all really, really satisfying!

                          Also, they excel in their sweet pastries. Their white almond fluffy bun is heavenly; their egg custards are extraordinary. All are served warm or hot...fresh from the oven or steamer.

                          Our service is always attentive. Elite is one of my top picks in L.A.