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Mar 5, 2010 09:07 AM

Cheap Eats in Astoria

I just moved to Astoria and I was trying to find the best places around here to get cheap eats. I've found a number of good threats on various restaurants to put on my list but I'm particularly looking for places where I can get something at say, 12 dollars or less, either eating in or to take home. One example I have found would be Cedar's Meat House. Can be any kind of cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Where in Astoria are you? Try the Halal cart at 30th and Broadway. 6 bucks for a huge plate of delicious chicken and rice. Best deal in the neighborhood. Also a lot of really good inexpensive Mexican food up and down Broadway.

    1. Hi FoulShotz,

      billhill asks an important question. "Astoria" covers a large chunk of real estate.

      The Ditmars area, what I call "deep Astoria," is quite a ways away from "Broad 'n Stein," the area around the intersection of Broadway and Steinway. Between the two is upper Steinway Street, which has a notable concentration of North African businesses.

      In "Broad 'n Stein" you've got a burek bonanza. At Muncan's Meats on Broadway at 43rd Street they have meat, cheese and apple bureks that you can truck on home and heat up no problem. These tend to go fast so check for them in the morning. Note - Muncan's is closed on Sundays.

      Nearby is Gino's Pizza on Broadway at 44th Street. Their garlic knots are good but are best heated up and eaten there. I also like Gino's calzones but only if they're freshly made. The ones in the cases that they sometimes cut open, stuff with the filling you ask for and then heat up in their oven pale in comparison to the fresh ones. Other cheap eats at Gino's are their spinach rolls and roni rolls. These are ok.

      Near upper Steinway on Astoria Boulevard is San Antonio Bakery, which is Chilean. Here, I like their chacareros—delicious steak sandwiches with green beans and other toppings. Sadly, these don't travel well (I've tried and failed). Also, last time I checked I think this place closes on Sundays and also closes fairly early in the evening. (Astoria Chowhounders can you verify here?)

      I hope this was helpful!

      Enjoy the variety of foods at your fingertips!


      Glendale is hungry...

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        I really live by none of these - I am right by the south side of Astoria Park right by the bridge. I'm happy, however, to walk a couple of miles if necessary for good reasonably priced chow, especially as the weather gets better.

        Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. re: FoulShotz

          Hi FoulShotz,

          You're most welcome!

          I think Muncan's and San Antonio Bakery are both worth the walk but Gino's, while not bad, is likely not. I'll bet there are pizza places just as good (or better) closer to you.

          Happy exploring!


          Glendale is hungry...

      2. I recommend Tamales Lady on Astoria Blvd. between Crescent and 23rd St. She appears around 4pm. Tamales Piquet (green sauce w/chicken) is delicious and only $1.