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Mar 5, 2010 09:02 AM

What should we order at Rialto?

We are going there tonight. I know it gets mixed reviews on this Board, but we have a gift card and I've wanted to try it ever since I took a cooking class with Jody Adams a few years ago. I've seen recommendations for the duck and the pastas -- anything else?

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  1. She has an excellent lasagna (it may only be on the bar menu, though).

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    1. Two things I almost always get when I go to Rialto:
      Grilled oysters and sausage - simple and delicious
      The fisherman's soup - very rich, so probably best to split, but has a wonderful, simple (you will sense a refrain here) flavor

      I got the Tuscan steak last time I was there and while it was very good, I wish I had had more pasta instead. It's too bad the game pasta I had last time isn't on the menu anymore!