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Mar 5, 2010 08:40 AM

Where to find Thai basil in Baltimore

Does anyone know where I can find Thai basil in Baltimore? I am making Pho this weekend and would really like to have this on hand. Thanks

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  1. Almost any asian market. Sometimes it'll have its name in a different language, so look up images online, and maybe even print one out to show.

    The larger supermarkets always carry it, and most small markets do as well. Try a google maps search for Baltimore and "asian market.'

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    1. re: Russel Shank

      Thai-Philippine Oriental Foods - 523 Gorsuch Avenue. It's near the Giant on 33rd Street in Waverly. Look for the blue awning.

    2. How are you making the broth? From soup base or are you doing the real thing?

      1. The Catonsvile H Mart carries "Taiwan Basil" and for my palate it's pretty close to what I've had with Pho. I could have sworn they used to carry "Thai Basil" but lately I only see the Taiwan Basil there.

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          I think that is the same basil as the "Thai basil" that I grew last summer. I always assumed that they just mixed up "Thai" and "Taiwan."