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Mar 5, 2010 08:34 AM

Reasonable & Delicious Dinner East 20's near Madison????

We are looking to have a business dinner next week for a group of six people. A Voce is too expensive...sadly. If anyone can think of something great in the east 20's. We are open to all cuisine: BBQ to Vegetarian - Italian - Indian...etc. We would like to spend around $30 PP or so.

Anything new to check out?


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  1. Does that approx. $30pp just for food, or does it include drinks, tax (9%), and tip (20%)?
    Presuming it's just for food...

    Bar Breton is on 5th, b/t 28th & 29th. Chef Cyril Renaud's food is delicious, service is efficient, the decor is attractive, and the overall ambiance is very pleasant. Depending on what you order, you could make that budget.

    Photos of a meal we had there can be viewed here:

    Bhatti Indian Grill, on the corner of Lex & 27th, has been open about 6 months. The food we had at our one meal there was delicious. The small space has attractive decor, and prices fit your budget. They did not have a liquor license when we were there in October.

    Photos of our meal at Bhatti can be viewed here:

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      I second Bar Breton, and would add Dhaba for Indian.

      RGR, I'm unfamiliar with Bhatti...what's their profile? I can't access flickr at work.

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          We've been to Dhaba and while the food is very good there, I think Bhatti's is more delicious. If, by profile, you mean which area of India the food represents, acc. to their website, it's Northern. (My knowledge of which Indian foods are from which areas is next to non-existent.)

          Photos from our meal at Dhaba:


          I have to disagree with you about Les Halles. I think the food is mediocre at best., service is poor, seating is sardine tight, and the noise level is uncomfortably high.

          1. re: RGR

            Did you try any meat entrees at Bhatti ? Looks like you have 2 vege dishes and some bread but maybe that's just the photos.

            I've been intrigued by the place, but they own the Katti roll shop directly across the street, which I find to be seriously mediocre.

            Dhaba seems to be the best in the area right now. Some dishes suffer from overcooking, and drying out, during their lunch buffets, otherwise it's really excellent.

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              If you had looked more carefully, you would have seen that there was only one vegetable dish, the appetizer. The other was a main course, Chicken Tikka Masala.

              I've never tried their katti roll shop. The food we had at Bhatti was far above mediocre.

              As I said, I think Dhaba's food is good but, imo, Bhatti's is better. Of course, we've only been to each of them once. I would have to try them both again to see if (1) the quality of both holds up, and (2) if i still think Bhatti is the better of the two.

            2. re: RGR

              Hill Country on E. 26th

              Hill Country
              30 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010

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                for all the people who like Dhaba, give Bhojan a whirl (same people, their newest restaurant, now about 3 weeks old). I like bhojan better and its a beautiful room with great service.

                102 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

                1. always happy at les halles.

                  1. How about 'inoteca on 24th and 3rd?

                    1. Shack Shack, 23rd & Madison