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Mar 5, 2010 08:01 AM

Cupcakes with DIY toppings?

These days, my kids are happily obsessed with our new cupcake cookbook and all things cupcake related. I thought it might be fun to find a bakery that sells yummy cupcakes that they could then choose the toppings for (sprinkles, smarties, etc.), like at ice cream stores - does such a place exist or only in my mind? Thanks.

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  1. I had this same conversation with someone else recently. Although there's no store that I or anyone I know is aware of that does this, it's not much of a stretch to just go to Bulk Barn, buy some sprinkles and whatnot and top them yourselves at home after buying some plain ones from your favorite spot.

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      Interesting - maybe you and I should open up a place? Sounds like a good idea to me!!

      Your fallback option is a good one but particularly with the gorgeous weather that awaits, I was hoping to build an outing around it. I suppose I could bring them to Bulk Barn for the outing - talk about a kid in a candy store, though...:)

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        As a gift for our friends' daughter we put together a selection of sprinkles and things for her to top her own desserts (in her particular case it was ice cream, not cupcakes). I can understand the appeal to children, the act of creating their own dessert is such fun for them. I really do think there's room in this city for custom-topped cupcakes, maybe someone (maybe you?) will do it. Another suggestion would be to call ahead to a bakery that has seating and tell them you'd like to show up with toppings and let the kids do it there in the store, someone might be willing.

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          What a great idea for a gift - she must have loved it! Thanks for all your suggestions, Boodah.

    2. I know the Designer Cookie at Eglinton and Avenue has cookies where you get to select what goes in them. They also sell cupcakes... not sure how customizable they are. Worth looking into.


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        Great suggestion - I'll check them out - thanks WON!