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Mar 5, 2010 07:44 AM

Casual, Good, Downtown Mpls?

My brother in law is in town from Salt Lake City and before going to see a show downtown I wanted to grab a bit to eat but I'm completely drawing a blank as far as a solid, casual, not too expensive place to grab a bite tonight. Any suggestions? We're open to cuisine and we'll be driving so it doesn't need to be immediately downtown. Hopefully somewhere sort of hip, fun- we're in our early 30's- our show is at First Ave.


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  1. For post-theatre tapas, I would recommend Solera, which is right in the center of the theater district downtown. Hip atmosphere, excellent small bites. I also like Barrio a lot, which is a few blocks away (around 9th St. S and Nicollet). Again, hip vibe inside and an excellent assortment of southwest-inspired small plates and a mind-boggling selection of tequilas. Not sure which one I like better, though Barrio tends to be a little easier on the wallet.

    1. I'm a big fan of Eli's. It's cozy, hip, and the food is great! Prices are reasonable as well. Been there myself before shows at First Ave. It's fairly close to First Ave.

        1. Ditto on Eli's. It has good grub but service can be spotty. It's kind of dive-bar with great quality food!!