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Mar 5, 2010 07:38 AM

Naha and which steakhouse near Chicago Hilton?

I'm staying at the Chicago Hilton next week and am looking for advice on my picks.

My first night I'm looking for a good steakhouse and have a couple of questions:
1) Are there any good steakhouses within walking distance of the Chicago Hilton?
2) Can someone explain wet-aged steak?

A second dinner is not in the cards, so I made reservations for lunch at Naha. I can't get black cod at home, and I see they have it on their menu. Is Naha a good choice for lunch?

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  1. Which of these Chicago Hiltons are you referring to?

    The Palmer House Hilton - 17 East Monroe Street
    Hilton Chicago - 720 South Michigan Avenue
    Hilton Suites Chicago/Magnificent Mile - 198 E. Delaware Place
    The Drake Hotel - 140 East Walton Place
    Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport

    There's a description of wet-aged and dry-aged steak in the Wikipedia entry on beef aging at

    1. Naha is a great choice for lunch. I don't know exactly which Hilton you are staying at but would recommend David Burke's if you are looking for steak.

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        I would recommend David Burke's Primehouse, too. FWIW, they dry-age their steaks. However, it may not be the closest steakhouse to the hotel, depending on which hotel it is.

        The Palmer House is in the Loop. The closest steakhouses are Petterino's and Rosebud, and Morton's is only another couple of blocks away. However, Burke's is just over half a mile, still walking distance, and that's what I would recommend.

        The Hilton Chicago is in the South Loop, and there's no walkable steakhouse I would recommend. Take a cab, bus, or el the mile and a half to Burke's.

        The Hilton Suites Chicago and the Drake are near the north end of Michigan Avenue (the "Mag Mile"). Saloon is right there, and Gibson's isn't far either; both are very good. If you'd prefer to try Burke's, it's about a half mile away.

        The Hilton O'Hare is near the Rosemont locations of Gibson's, Capital Grille, and Morton's.

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          Thanks to all for your recs. I'll try Burke's - it seem like a favorite on this board.