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Mar 5, 2010 07:20 AM

Couples cooking classes in Toronto?

Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced couples cooking class in the Toronto area? GTA and up to 1 hour outside of the city is fine, also.

We're partial to Italian food, so an Italian couples cooking class would be ideal.

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  1. Check Dish Cooking Studio's website. We've done a few and you are guaranteed a good meal, nice wine, educational and a great night out.

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      Calphalon usually has a number of couples classes. Here's the link to their course calendar

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        I'll second the classes at Dish. Always an overall great night!

      2. there are couples cooking classes through nella cucina, i believe they are called aphrodite cooks or something like that.
        $200 /couple

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          I`ve been to the couple cooking classes here. They`re run in the Nella Cucina store but through Aphrodite Cooks. It was a fun evening with a casual and entertaining atmosphere. Even my partner (who can`t stand cooking, but does like eating) had a good time and got into the spirit of preparing and cooking what he could.

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          1. Cirillo's academy on Dundas near Islington has couples cooking classes. Haven't tried them but have heard good things.

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