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Mar 5, 2010 07:14 AM

Help me decide - Q, Sugarcane or Burger & Beer Joint for tonight?

I've been dying to try all three. Any advantages to trying one before the others? I know they are all completely different.
I would love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Haven't been to Q yet but between Sugarcane and Burger and Beer, it's no contest. Sugarcane is far superior. A burger is a burger. I know this comment will set some people off here, but Sugarcane has some of the most inventive, tastiest food out there right now that wont set you back an arm and a leg that a burger elsewhere may...

    1. It really comes down to your mood. Q is true barbecue, B&B is great atmosphere, but it is burgers. Sugarcane, meanwhile may be a bit more approachable/flexible because it sort of has that American Restaurant doing Asian feel going on. Their food is very good, but you have a lot more options than you do in the other two. And if someone in your group is not up for Asian, their burgers are pretty damn good too.

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        thanks guys! i decided on sugarcane. we weren't really in the mood for so much meat from burgers or bbq, but Q and B&B are definitely on my radar. maybe next weekend.

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          I am happy to report that Sugarcane was very good. We sampled a lot of dishes except the meat ones (observing Lenten Fridays, which i had conveniently forgotten in my OP re: Q and B&B!). Service was very attentive, but the bar was very backed up so I didn't get my white Sangria until we were well into the meal. The server was very apologetic and came to the table several times to tell me they were backed up. When I finally got the sangria, it was delicious but the serving was TINY. I thought they should have comped it.

          Onto the food:
          goat cheese croquettes - how could you go wrong with fried goat cheese?
          oysters - kumamoto and fanny bay. very fresh and still tasted like the ocean
          shrimp cocktail - 1 huge prawn. again, very fresh and served with sauces other than cocktail
          Night (?) roll - tasty but overpriced for the portion
          Sugarcane roll - again, tasty, but a bit overpriced. This one had lobster in it and it came with a small claw and a little bit of the tail with some meat, so I could justify the price a little
          Squid - grilled, and served with aioli. very very tender and tasty, it tasted "spanish-y" to me
          Octopus - it was good, but not my favorite dish

          Dessert: Torrejas were delicious! Brioche french toast with roasted apples and vanilla ice cream. i could go just to eat this and the goat cheese croquetas!

          I will definitely be back to sample some of the meat dishes. I also really liked how the place was decorated. Nice indoor/outdoor bar. Warning: make reservations on a weekend. It was slammed on Friday night.

          1. re: jessicam29

            after eating at B&B and Sugarcane, I recommend Sugarcane.
            some items to get at Sugarcane: bacon wrapped dates, kobe beef slider, beef tenderloin, skirt steak, torrejas.