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Mar 5, 2010 06:57 AM

Any Suggestions for Casual Waterfront Dining in Delray to Ft. Lauderdale Area

I will be staying with my family in the Boca Raton area for a week at the end of this month and would like to get some suggestions for casual outside waterfront restaurants for dinner, let's say as far north as the Delray area and as far south as Ft. Lauderdale. My children are grown, so I'm not looking for a place catering to kids. The food doesn't have to be fancy (I'm not looking for sweetbeeads or veal cheeks this trip), it can be burgers, seafood, pastas, steaks, but I would like an outside seating area near the water or looking out on the water (whether intracoastal or ocean), with a "Florida" feel. I'm tired of all of the snow we've had up north this winter and want to thaw out with good scenery, atmosphere and a couple of rum runners to go with my meal. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks

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  1. JB's on the Beach in Deerfield Beach is right on the ocean with both inside and outside dining.

    1. "outside seating area near the water or looking out on the water (whether intracoastal or ocean), with a "Florida" feel"

      I would say Two Georges in Boynton perfectly fits your bill. The food is basically standard casual seafood/burgers, but anyone coming down from the cold north will love the outdoor Florida - Keysie atmosphere. If you are in Boca this is just above Delray so not a far trip at all. On the Intracoastal. if you want more info, search this board for "Two Georges" and below the results you'll see lots of related links to previous discussions.

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        a little further north in Lantana is the Old Key Lime House which is more Keysier and prettier than the 2 Georges.

      2. In Fort Lauderdale, Coconuts is a nice choice...Casual, deck overlooking the intra-coastal, pretty good food.

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          1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We went to JB's on the Beach in Deerfield Beach and it was very good. Great view, nice service and the food was very good, excellent seared tuna appetizer, excellent fish dishes. A loud place but fun.