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Mar 5, 2010 06:55 AM

First date on the Lower East Side

The type of food doesn't really matter, and my price range is, at the very top, $120 or less with tip (including a few drinks).

Just want a good place. I'm thinking Barrio Chino, but would like some other options. Oh and the dates tonight so it can't place I'd need a reservation for in advance. Thanks.

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  1. Way to plan in advance for this date. Your best bet is Open table, put in the hood and see what comes up. Otheriwse you will be waiting 60 min for a table. If you are looking for romance try Apizz.

    1. You may also want to look in to:
      Kampuchea/The Norry
      Los Feliz

      1. I like Apizz, but I think keeping it under $120 may be difficult if the OP gets a bottle of wine.

        Barrio Chino gets a lot of good attention here, but I've never been there because it's always full to the rafters. Something to think about if you're on a date.

        Other options: Cafe Katja, Frankie's 17, Antibes Bistro, Bistro Azul, Little Giant if you order carefully, Salt Bar... hmm.... there are lots of options west of Essex too.

        1. Add Kuma Inn and Cafe Charbon. Barrio Chino is great but the seating is (as I recall) all bar height not as comfy as I would like for a first date.

          Not sure how Zucco is doing now since the passing of Zucco himself, but it was always a nice date spot. I've never been to Sorella - that's also an idea?

          1. if you could get into Little Giant it could work and nice small place