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Mar 5, 2010 06:47 AM

Chinese buffet recommendation needed

I am hoping to get some recommendations for a good Chinese buffet, preferably Scarborough/East end. I want affordable (i.e., not talking high-end cuisine), but something more interesting than Mandarin, which seems to get a lot of recommendations on this board. A little more expensive than Mandarin is OK - Lai Wah Heen prices are not, alas.

I have been to Starwalk and Elegantview few years ago and both were pretty good. However, things seems to change rapidly with buffets, so I am looking for some new ideas.

Good seafood (cooked and fresh) and duck on the menu would definitely be pluses!

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  1. You should check out the Scarborough Imperial Buffet at Warden & Eglinton. I've not been there yet, but a friend (Hong Kong Chinese), raves about it mentioning their crab legs in particular. I didn't know Elegantview was ever a buffet.

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      You're right, Elegantview isn't a buffet. Got a little confused there between reading too many dim sum vs. buffet posts. :)

      Now that you mention it, I have been to Imperial Buffet. It was decent but not great. I remember thinking I would definitely return, but there must be something better out there. Unfortunately, I can't remember why I wasn't thrilled as it has been a year or more.

      I do remember the crab legs. There were tons of them - I didn't try them myself due to a shellfish allergy.

      1. re: SNACKeR

        I remember Imperial as not much more than chicken wings and singapore noodles and the like. And the huge dessert selection, all of which are store bought and boring.

        Try China Buffet King if you haven't; they have things like Peking duck and steamed fish for dinner. The Richmond Hill location seems to be better than the Warden location though.

        1. re: Teep

          Ok, thanks for the reco, gonna give it a try tonight! (Richmond Hill)

          1. re: SNACKeR

            I may be too late, but I second Imperial Buffet. Really good as far as buffets go, and yes, the crab legs are a highlight!

          2. re: Teep

            So, I really enjoyed China Buffet King. The steamed fish was really great, very fresh! Also had some sole and it was unusually good as well, quite buttery in texture.

            The raw bar was better than I have come to expect at buffets, serving lots of salmon, tuna, yellowtail (I think) and eel, and they had sashimi, sushi and maki. Not great sushi, but better than your avg buffet, and better than T&T for example (not saying that much, I know). The seaweed salad was very good, and nice and cold the way I like it.

            The duck was really ejoyable too, and although there was not lots of it, it was always there when I needed it. I tried lots of other dishes in addition, and found them all flavourful - there really wasn't anything I tried that I didn't like. I stayed away from the western food, but the roast beef looked quite good, nice and rare. The fried food did not look appealing however. Probably not enough people keeping the turnover high enough for that kind of food.

            Also enjoyed the desserts, which I thought were above average. I tried a fruit custard tart, sweet papaya dessert soup, and sticky rice dessert. All were very good.

            The downside is the service was non-existent - we had to harass a waiter to even get a seat, there was no one manning the front of house. And it was 1/2 way through our meal before we could get any tea. The place was about half full and the few staff there were were runnning constantly just trying to bus dishes and deliver bills. Forget about taking drink orders.

            So, all in all, a good place to eat and I'll be going back. A bit out of the way for me, but I don't mind the occasional trek. Bill came to $50 before tip for two.

            China Buffet King
            9737 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C8S7, CA

            1. re: SNACKeR

              I live near China Buffet King so I go there a lot. I like the Chinese food there. A bit more authentic than Mandarin, where I find all the dishes taste the same. Definately worth the money.