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Mar 5, 2010 06:00 AM

Island Palm, Spring Lake is Closed

Went to Tom Bailey's Market this morning and noticed a sign that read: "Ray's Cafe, Spring Lake, Coming Soon." A shame, I thought IP was a pretty decent BYO option in Southern Monmouth.

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  1. Thats a shame, we have enjoyed many nice meals at that location over the years, both as Sisters and Island Palm.

    It was especially nice going there from Fall through Spring when the shore crowds were gone.

    1. Drove by yesterday only to see the same sign. Very disappointed. While living in Spring Lake, we ate here a few times and found it to be very good.
      Now here's the problem... I bought a gift card for Christmas for my parents to enjoy, and would like a refund. Any info of how to contact the owner ( I believe it is David Kruse upon some Google searching) would be appreciated.

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      1. re: jerseygirl1074

        Have you had any luck contacting the owner. I can't believe they continued to sell gift certificates as late as mid - December. I would like to track down owners and question their motive , especially when certificates were purchased by those not in the know.

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          Sorry to hear this but you are a victim of the great gift card marketing scam. About 25% of all cards industry wide are never used for whatever reason. Bottom line - never buy one for someone else or yourself and if you get one from someone else use it immediately.

        2. IP ran hot and cold...when empty, the food was just okay...when busy, the help always seemed very flustered and the wait was just way too long. ....the BYOB option was great, though. All in all, the place won't be missed too much. Spring Lake center needs a super restaurant that would cater to the 'beachy' breakfast and lunch crowd.

          1. Is this new Ray's Cafe related to the place in Sea Girt? (I think I got the name right)?

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              It looks that way from the fonts use on the sign. I haven't been by in a while. Last time I was at Tom Bailey's they didn't have any of those Niman chops. Gasp!!