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Mar 5, 2010 05:07 AM

Meat Shares

On a whim, I decided to sign up for the River Rock Farm beef share. I have been amazed by the taste and qaulity of everything I have received. Last night I made one of their flank steaks for a group of friends and they raved about it. The flavor is amazing but most noticeable to me is the texture of this beef. The variety of cuts in the share has been great too. Does anyone else have some success stories of non veggie CSAs? Id love to hear them.

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  1. Really happy with Houde Family Farm meat share. Great bacon and breakfast sausage, lean hamburger (too lean for actual burgers, but great for everything else) and really fabulous steaks. A little heavy on pork chops, which I don't particularly like, but plenty of other fabulous stuff. Delivered right to the house on a monthly basis, started at 15lbs, but had to cut down to 10/month because I just couldn't keep up (family of four with one carnivore, one omnivore, 2 pasta-tarian children). Regularly get ground pork, veal and beef that makes unbelievable meatballs.

    I signed up after reading sinclairs "The Jungle" and realizing that things haven't changed much. Continue because the meat is far superior (albeit more expensive).

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      Another happy Houde consumer here. I don't find the hamburger too lean for burgers, though. I also love pork chops, so that part keeps me very happy! Last year when we went to Key West for a family vacation, I filled a cooler of meat and brought it with me, and it was SO worth the effort. My family loved the meatballs and burgers and sausage and bacon.

      I like the "extras" on offer as well- particularly the pork fat (for rendering lard) and veal bones (for stock). He also sells maple syrup and eggs (pending chicken happiness levels!)

      I've gone though the 10, 15 and 20lb shares and we're currently at 10. I have a backlog of meat due to various scheduling issues which have gotten in the way of doing much cooking the past few months. I actually would love to go on hiatus for a couple of months to catch up, but he just emailed out that he's finally just about at capacity (110 members now, no more than 120 in the next season that starts in June) and I worry that I'd lose my spot. I just need to crack down and cook it all! The only part I don't like is the lack of chicken (he can't legally move it over state lines).

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        Thanks Chris VR and tdaaa for pointing me to Houde. We just signed up and get our first delivery today! I'm very psyched. We'll see how well we do with a 10# share. My husband and I eat meat, but my son is somewhat of a pasta-tarian child as well!

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          Yet another happy Houde Family Farm CSA member here.
          Big thanks to Chris VR is in order on getting them across the border I believe!!
          Meat is great quality, tremendous flavor and perhaps a bit lean but that is because the animals live under the sky and eat mostly grass (the beef any way). They take great care of their animals and it shows. The bacon is AMAZING and is not pumped full of water, the ground beef and pork are lean but it is nice to not have huge puddles of grease pouring out of your meatballs!!
          The eggs are so far superior to what you can get in the grocery store you might think they had artificial coloring in them, the yolks are so deep orange, the whites are tall and tight.
          Know where your food comes from when and if you can.

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          I was indiffernt to pork chops until I had cajun style blackened pork chops at a local restaurant, not in Boston. This is the only way I make them now and they're great, just don't overcook - keep them juicy, I use Emeril's original spice mix.

        3. We've been getting meat from Chestnut Farms for about 8 months. The quality of the meat is great but what I'm REALLY loving is the fat. I save every drop of schmaltz and lard for cooking.

          I know a lot of folks prefer the "choice" cuts of meat, but I am also a fan of braising cuts and ground beef. It's versatile and, since it's from the CSA, it's safe for my 3-year-old to help make the meatballs.

          We get beef, pork, lamb and chicken (I think they offer a no-pork option), 10 lbs a month. Usually there is some bacon, pork sausage or lamb sausage in each month's share. In the warmer months they also offer eggs from their pasture-fed hens ($4/dozen). A few times my hubby's bought some extras, such as beef bones for soup - big shank bones for a buck apiece. This month he got a sheep's liver for free.

          The most challenging thing about the meat CSA, for me, is figuring out what to do with some of the lesser-known cuts of beef (butt flap, for example). The Home Cooking board has been very helpful with that.

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            Here is another endorsement for Chestnut Farms. Like gimlis1mum, I have been a member for eight months. The quality of the meat is outstanding, and the flavor is too. Just to dispel any worries about fat, yes it is tasty but no there is not too much. Overall, the meat is definitely lean. After all, it comes from animals that move freely about during warm weather months. If you visit the farm during one of their semiannual open farm days, you will see for yourself how they are treated. Kim has been outstanding in her willingness to be flexible when things have come up and I have had to make a special request of her.

            Just a minor correction about the eggs - they are always available at the beginning of each distribution session, but they do run out sometimes. Also, as the previous poster has noted, there is usually a cooler or two filled with all sorts of yummies at a dollar a package. Get there early for the best selection. I have scored beef tongues, soup bones, bacon ends, pork kidney fat (for making lard that is good for pie crust), and so on. There always seems to be a selection of offal - hearts, livers, kidneys from the various animals they raise.

            One final note. One nice thing about the 10-pound shares is that all of the meat comes in pieces that are about a pound or sometimes less. So, you never have to defrost more than you need at one time. From what I understand, the larger shares have some larger cuts, which makes perfect sense for a larger family that would consume a larger amount of meat.

            1. re: PinchOfSalt

              Thanks for the clarification about the eggs. My hubby usually makes the pick-up on his way home from work - I'll have to tell him to get there earlier so he can get the eggs, and more offal :-)

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                Even another endorsement for Chestnut Farms. We LOVE it. The quality is top notch, the flavors unsurpassed. I can't even eat supermarket chicken anymore, even if its organic/humane etc. Kim and her family are wonderful, I love reading her emails and as corny as it is, I feel warm and fuzzy knowing that we are supporting a local farm that treats their animals with love and care and even though we eat meat/animal products, we are not supporting industrial agriculture. They are true stewards of the earth!

          2. I've been doing the River Rock Farm beef CSA for the past two winters, and have really enjoyed it as well. The variety of cuts and the quality of the beef is outstanding.

            1. We've been with Stillman's meat CSA for close to a couple of years now and are extremely happy. We get a 10 lb/mo share. We buy no other meat now. I occasionally will get special orders from them too. I never even liked chicken until we started eating the chicken from Stillmans- now I even like the dark meat! I think the price is reasonable for the quality/localness/karma (it works out to $8/lb). Their eggs are fantastic too- huge orange yolks- but at $7/dozen the highest I've ever seen! My daughter gets a kick out of the green and blue ones though.

              1. One more vote for Chestnut Farm. I am a new member and am very happy. I've never been a part of any other meat CSA so I can't compare. I am a family of 2 and do 10 pounds a month and find that they provide enough of each meat for a good dinner for me and my husband. Although last month I received a single lamb shoulder chop so I'll have to wait for my husband to be away 1 night to eat it myself. I love using their ground meat - lamb, beer or pork - for meatloaf. My favorite part is finding recipes for meat that I have never cooked with and wouldn't if it weren't for the CSA. My only complaint is that twice now I've sent messages to them through the contact us section of their website with no response. Hmmmm